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  1. Falling for someone
  2. People that need therapists
  3. I’ve been told by a few people recently
  4. Sometimes
  5. I wanna heal people
  6. How do you get rid of a toxic person
  7. I might actually be getting
  8. Dang it
  9. Sweater weather!
  10. I will love you
  11. I don't half do anything
  12. A great feeling
  13. THe best way to do homework
  14. Today will be the day I am finally voted out
  15. Sometimes
  16. I was thinking
  17. Getting feelings is hard
  18. I just found out
  19. I noticed
  20. I've been on a country kick lately
  21. Today is the day I drop out
  22. I feel like a disappointment
  23. I a lonely boi
  24. I kinda wish society
  25. I kinda wish I could time travel
  26. But soon enough
  27. Is it harder to be cast for
  28. Does anyone else do this?
  29. I just want winter
  30. Who is your favorite trump child
  31. Should I disconnect from everyone
  32. I look back at old pictures
  33. I’ve been really straight up with people
  34. Lol so I got a tattoo
  35. This comp is rigged for Holly lol
  36. Honestly society is flawed
  37. what’s your least favorite dollar bill
  38. I’ve found a dude that has helped me a lot
  39. My 1984 story arch is really interesting
  40. Any other empaths here?

My Big Brother All-Star Prediction

May 22, 2019 by TotalDramaLover1234

Tyler ( BB20 )
Paul ( BB18/19)
Johnny Mac (BB17)
Derrick (BB16)
Donny ( BB16)
Andy ( BB15)
Ian (BB14)
Brett (BB20)

Vanessa ( BB17)
Elissa ( BB15)
Nicole ( BB16/BB18)
Kaycee ( BB20)
Kalia (BB13)
Jessica (BB19)
Hayleigh (BB20)
Danielle (BB14)


Brett? Danielle? Haleigh*? Kaycee? Jessica? I like a few of them but that aside, I don't see it happening.
Sent by DaddyDev,May 22, 2019
is 21 all stars or what
Sent by Maxi1234,May 22, 2019
Hayleigh can't go on, she's just started a new job
Sent by Piizza,May 22, 2019
Name one thing Jessica did that was all star worthy
Sent by maturo,May 22, 2019
15 is cancelled, theyre pretending it never happened
Also where is Shelli fucken Poole
Sent by ManniBoi,May 22, 2019
Not that I know of maxi1234 Who would you switch for them? Some of these are kinda based on what fans like not necessarily what I would choose. daddydev
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,May 22, 2019
maturo Jessica is someone that I put on there because I know they would want drama and putting her in the house with Paul would stir it.
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,May 22, 2019

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