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  1. Guys so I’m falling for this redhead girl
  2. My anxiety is bad rn
  3. Might be getting fired woot
  4. Sad country Taylor Swift
  5. I’m falling head over heals
  6. Who will the hoh go for?
  7. I just realized now
  8. My favorite part about classes starting back
  9. I would probably be the biggest coaster on BB
  10. I hate being the “medicine” friend
  11. I hate feeling like
  12. My personality type is really weird
  13. It’s so annoying to be a young person in America..
  14. A lot of people hate on the 9-5 life
  15. Truth be told
  16. Nothing I hate more than
  17. Your life is worth it
  18. This boat is sinking
  19. Something needs to be done
  20. Kat is me honestly
  21. Will The HOH nominate
  22. Stuck between a Millennial and Gen Z
  23. Anything I can do for extra money on here?
  24. Is it a thing to have PTSD from high school?
  25. Just realized
  26. What was the endurance comp
  27. I have this weird feeling
  28. Good news
  29. This is the first time I think
  30. Do you guys consider yourself
  31. I hate anxiety
  32. Nick is so dumb lol
  33. You Never Realize...
  34. BB21-Motto
  35. Analyse irks me
  36. Everyone just wants hookups I feel
  37. I’m happy!!
  38. I think they US should do
  39. Bad HOH winner
  40. For those who work in service industry jobs

My Big Brother All-Star Prediction

May 22, 2019 by TotalDramaLover1234

Tyler ( BB20 )
Paul ( BB18/19)
Johnny Mac (BB17)
Derrick (BB16)
Donny ( BB16)
Andy ( BB15)
Ian (BB14)
Brett (BB20)

Vanessa ( BB17)
Elissa ( BB15)
Nicole ( BB16/BB18)
Kaycee ( BB20)
Kalia (BB13)
Jessica (BB19)
Hayleigh (BB20)
Danielle (BB14)


Brett? Danielle? Haleigh*? Kaycee? Jessica? I like a few of them but that aside, I don't see it happening.
Sent by DaddyDev,May 22, 2019
is 21 all stars or what
Sent by Maxi1234,May 22, 2019
Hayleigh can't go on, she's just started a new job
Sent by Piizza,May 22, 2019
Name one thing Jessica did that was all star worthy
Sent by maturo,May 22, 2019
15 is cancelled, theyre pretending it never happened
Also where is Shelli fucken Poole
Sent by ManniBoi,May 22, 2019
Not that I know of maxi1234 Who would you switch for them? Some of these are kinda based on what fans like not necessarily what I would choose. daddydev
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,May 22, 2019
maturo Jessica is someone that I put on there because I know they would want drama and putting her in the house with Paul would stir it.
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,May 22, 2019

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