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I would do a lot for $800 Jun 24, 2020
Not even gonna lie lol
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I hate my racist family Jun 20, 2020
My brother has been posting memes about running over protestors and how he supports them getting tear-gassed and they deserve it for fighting for BLM.

I unfollowed him. He never wanted to talk to me anyway, goodbye toxic family members.
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Wall Sits are fun lol Jun 19, 2020
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I love big brother Jun 19, 2020
I wanna compete on it so bad. I still have like 2 more years though.  :(

I turn 20 in July. Ugh, I know I would do really well too.

I honestly see myself getting robbed at the final three or four.
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How many days Jun 17, 2020
Does it take to get a skeleton on here?
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I have a gambling problem :( Jun 13, 2020
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