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Eurovision 2016 Semi 1 Prediction

May 9, 2016 by TolisKalkas
Well I guess since others are doing it... it's my time... IT'S MY TIME! MY MOMENT! I'M NOT GONNA LET GO OF IT.... okay sorry got carried away there... anyways.....

Definitely Through
Russia          (Estimated 383 points)
Croatia         (Estimated 311 points)
Azerbaijan           (Estimated 245 points)
Armenia       (Estimated 197 points... I think this is higher than expected though)

Most Likely Through
Hungary           (Estimated 167 points)
Iceland           (Estimated 159 points)
Cyprus           (Estimated 126 points)
Estonia           (Estimated 115 points)

The Bubble 4 (2 in/3 out... pointwise it's obvious which 2 I predict in)
Austria           (Estimated 152 points ... Juries will have to save it)
Czech            (Estimated 126 points ... Juries will have to save it)
Greece           (Estimated 100 points ... if diaspora/televoting trends hold, might be able to sneak)
Netherlands (Estimated 82 points ... Can potentially catch like Anouk or Common Linnets)
Malta            (Estimated 74 points ... really comes down to Juries on this but going last can help)

Bosnia            (Estimated 66... could do well with some televoting, but the rap hurts the juries)
Montenegro  (Estimated 49... points from Slavic countries and that's about it)
Finland            (Estimated 43... if it were later, this number would be higher)
Moldova            (Estimated 31... Maybe Juries can save it, but the 3 slot hurts)
San Marino   (Estimated 20... I mean does this need explanation?)



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Once I finish fully listening I'll do my predictions, but I'd have Croatia a little lower even though I agree they will move on.
Sent by DanielKennedy111,May 9, 2016
I really think Cyprus and Estonia will struggle. Malta is for sure qualifying as well. Bosnia should be in the 'bubble' as well as I feel like they can pull it off. Agree with the rest though!! Just posted my predictions as well :)
Sent by MyMilkshakes,May 9, 2016
Cyprus is far from safe I think, Croatia too honestly, and from what I've heard, Azerbaijan, could very realistically get murdered here because a bad jury can really kill you from what I can see. Bosnia are now a dark horse to qualify safely here IMO
Sent by TheGoodMan,May 9, 2016
this reminded me that all the qualifiers will probably surpass 100 points due to the new voting system

F*** SVT!!!
Sent by Patrick319,May 9, 2016

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