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Tengaged (Karaoke) Idol 13: The Finalists need your help

Jun 12, 2015 by TolisKalkas
imageSelect a song for each of our 3 finalists in #TengagedIdol ! We are looking for song recommendations for each of the finalists!

If you have any song suggestions for our finalists, please POST THE SONG and TREND THE FINALIST you want to perform it! You CAN post multiple songs for multiple people. We would be highly appreciative if you post suggestions for all four finalists.

The song with the greatest percentage in the poll that will be posted after this blog expires will be performed by the finalist in the finals!

Here are some performances to reacquaint yourselves with the finalists:

CarsonWorld -

Danielc2384 -

PureEssence -

What are your choices for our contestants to sing, post them in the comments below?


Season Results:
4th - MrPokeGuy9
5th - Tundra
6th - SilverShadow
7th - #Blake18
8th - Forevermissprice
9th - EternalBlossom
10th - Rory17
11th - 01Gohan
12th - TotalDramalover1234
13th - Dragotistic
14th - Draevynwraithe
15th - Kingdomheartslover


CarsonWorld Who I'd be-Shrek The Musical and Stay With Me-Sam Smith
Danielc2384 Uptown Funk-Bruno Mars and Gangnam Style-Psy
PureEssence Part of your world-The Little Mermaid and Set fire to the rain-Adele
Sent by Snowgirl57,Jun 12, 2015
PureEssence It's not too late - Demi Lovato
Sent by EternalBlossom,Jun 12, 2015
#TeamCarson He Can Only Hold Her by Amy Winehouse
#TeamDaniel Thrift Shop by Macklemore OR Va Va Voom Voom by Nicki Minaj
#TeamPure Hometown Glory by Adele
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Jun 12, 2015
CarsonWorld Don't be jealous of my boogie by Rupaul
Danielc2384 Loving you by Minnie Riperton
PureEssence  Cherry Pie by The Warrant

You're welcome :)
Sent by SilverShadow,Jun 12, 2015
CarsonWorld: Jealous Of My Boogie by RuPaul

Danielc2384: Animal by Maroon 5

Pureessence: Skyfall by Adele
Sent by rory17,Jun 13, 2015
CarsonWorld : Post to be - omarion/chris brown/jhene aiko
DanielC2384 : No Type - Rae Sremmurd
PureEssence : She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert (sing this about EternalBlossom )
Sent by Tundra,Jun 13, 2015
Carson - "Sing" by Travis / "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" by Oasis
Daniel - "TiK ToK" by Ke$ha / "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama
Pure - "Next To Me" by Emeli Sande / "Wild Horses" by Natasha Beddingfield
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Jun 13, 2015
CarsonWorld: Hold Back the River by James Bay or Budapest by George Ezra
Danielc2384: Braveheart by Neon Jungle or by Rude by MAGIC!
Pureessence: Gravity by Sara Bareilles or Run by Snow Patrol/Leona Lewis‏
Sent by Monrooster,Jun 13, 2015
CarsonWorld: Riptide - Vance Joy
Danielc2384: Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
Pureessence: Someone like you - Adele
Sent by kingdomheartslover,Jun 13, 2015
Thrift Shop
Sent by danielc2384,Jun 14, 2015

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