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tell me ur a loser without telling me

May 9, 2024 by Times_Places
Be quit!!! Loser .. in ur face we made it and we take it
Sent by alex_naf,May 9, 2024

ok and that doesn't stop Israel from bombing the fuck out of gaza like too many people have been slaughtered for it not to be called a genocide. many genocides that were occurring at the time were excused as "It's self-defense" and "Collateral damage" and weren't called genocides until years later. its a genocide. and if you cant see that you're a part of the issue


It's almost like war is violent.
Sent by LizzoBigGirl,May 9, 2024
example: the Armenian genocide was where Turkey took the Armenians on excruciating mass immigration "walks," which is where they claimed they were relocating them, but it was just a means in a long process of killing them off. Thousands of families, men, women, and children, left behind to die during the walks

just because Israel is bombing gaza saying they're trying to hurt hamas and act like its collateral when actual innocent people die and continue to bomb them should be clear that its a genocide
Sent by Times_Places,May 9, 2024
lizzobiggirl there's a difference between having a war on no man's land and a genocide where Israel continues to bomb humanitarian aid workers trying to help the innocent Palestinians. lol. ur a dumb faggot
Sent by Times_Places,May 9, 2024

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