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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

since i already said what i said

May 10, 2024 by Times_Places
dbonee funny may I also say that I find you both to be a cock sucking c*m guzzling zionist cunts
and i sleep better at night knowing that you both have no real power in the world

Sent by Times_Places,May 10, 2024
What’s your discord tag
Sent by Toji,May 10, 2024
I'll take a burrito bowl with a side of shutting the fuck up when you get around to it.

Hilarious you think you know shit about the world from behind the Chipotle counter.
Sent by DBonee,May 10, 2024
dbonee i dont even work at chipotle anymore LMFAO dumbass
i got a higher paying job with better conditions now go justify genocide some more xxx
Sent by Times_Places,May 10, 2024
Still not genocide no matter how loud you screech the word, genocide has a definition.
Sent by DBonee,May 10, 2024

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