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compare the genocide excuses

May 9, 2024 by Times_Places
to any other genocide involving ethnic cleansing and you’ll find they have the same excuses as Israel. they are identical, and they share the factor of committing genocides


Speaking of genocide... are we ever going to talk about the genocide Sam_Hamwich performed on BrittBritt when he shoved that wire hanger he calls a dick inside of her?
Sent by Alisowned,May 9, 2024
alisowned omfg you just gagged the fuck out of me holy shit
Sent by Times_Places,May 9, 2024
Seeing the protests happening in Israel (and in American Jewish communities) is so bittersweet because people understandably want to live in peace but can't because of corrupt governments benefiting from this war & their warmongering supporters. And then this ends up reflecting poorly on the Jewish community who are generalised as Zionists, the anti-zionist community who are generalised as anti-semitic, etc etc. And this has unfortunately happened to so many people. Armenians, Rwandans, etc. It's such a bizzare world.
Sent by Amixoxi,May 9, 2024

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