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13thDec 28, 2019 by TheSexiestDude990
What a wild night we've had! Messy votes, flipping, another rock draw! An unpredictable bootlist resulting in a close vote for the winner! Thank you everyone who played ❤

16th: X/ FireX (6-1-1)
15th: Emma/Non-TG (8-0)
14th: Jacob/ Lifeiscool (4-3)
13th: Nolan/ Mysterygame2 (4-3)
12th: Birks/ Birks4444 (3-2-1)
11th: Billy/ RocketoKid13 (8-0(3))
10th: Nik/ Nikw98 (2-0(4)-0(4))
9th: Dana/ TotsTrashy (5-4)
8th: Grace/ Pinkiepie512 (4-4/3-3/ROCKS)
7th: Zach/ IceMakeRampart (5-1-1)
6th: Brien/ Justdontevictme (4-1-1)
5th: Logan/ Lhooper902976 (3-1-1)
4th: James/ J2999 (2-1-1)
3rd: Nikita/ Ninjohn (Stuart's sole vote)
2nd: JB/ _JB_ (4 votes to win)
WINNER: Stuart/ ClassiCaz5 (5 votes to win)


8th: Grace/ Pinkiepie512 (4-4/3-3/ROCKS)
Sent by pinkiepie512,Dec 28, 2019

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