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  2. Who would win
  3. Why Josh Martinez is a BB legend
  4. How To Nominate In Stars
  5. 9 Year TG Anniversary
  6. A behind the scenes look at Stars 512
  7. I hate everything about myself
  8. Survivor Wannabes - Jury Questioning
  9. Survivor Wannabes - Episode 15 Recap + Tribal
  10. Survivor Wannabes - Episode 14 Recap + Tribal
  11. Oh I didn't make the TRS cast rip
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  17. Bitter juries don't exist
  18. Vaitupu
  19. Nui
  20. Survivor Wannabes - 8th Place
  21. Survivor Wannabes - Episode 11 Recap + Tribal #11
  22. Is it acceptable
  23. In case this wasn't already said before
  24. 🌟 Thank you so much 54.9% 🌟
  25. Survivor Wannabes - 9th Place
  26. Survivor Wannabes - Tribal #10 (Anoteri)
  27. Survivor Wannabes - Episode 10 Recap
  28. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately
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Nobody looks at the title anyway lol

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6 HoHs + 10 PoVs Sep 20, 2018
Points: 30 1 comments
Who would win Sep 19, 2018
In a JC/KC Final 2?
Points: 46 9 comments
Why Josh Martinez is a BB legend Sep 14, 2018
- Wrecked Paul behind his back while playing dumb to his face
- EASILY the most entertaining person in the cast by a mile but still managed to win despite his abrasiveness
- Had such good jury management skills that he even got the vote of someone who literally threw hot sauce and pickle juice in his face and then proceeded to antagonize for the rest of his time on the show (Mark), as well as someone he attacked at their eviction (Cody)
- Beat Paul by the exact same vote as Nicole one season later

We've had plenty of big gameplayers win in the past, so why not have a winner with a larger than life, abrasive af but entertaining af personality?

I'm sure the only other Josh Martinez stan, ashszoke, could do better but it's late and I'm tired
Points: 36 4 comments
How To Nominate In Stars Sep 7, 2018
One of the questions I hear often from people who have not played Stars is how nominations work, so here's a quick tutorial:

Please save me again, gl Kyle
Points: 187 7 comments
9 Year TG Anniversary Sep 7, 2018
Holy shit, I've been here for 9 years now. I remember joining as a 14 year old, looking for online survivor games and stumbling across this site. Now I'm 23 and have done pretty much everything there is to do on here. I've won every game at least once, had many shops (competing once), hosted both my own group game and org on here... I've met up with 3 people from here (even married and then divorced with one lol)

I've met so many amazing people on here and grown so much as a person and I'm just so thankful for all of the experiences and life lessons I've learned during my time on here. The community aspect is definitely what makes this site as awesome as it is imo.

This is where I tag people but honestly I just don't want to leave anybody out... Whether I've known you for 9 years or 9 minutes, thank you. ❤
Points: 67 8 comments
A behind the scenes look at Stars 512 Sep 6, 2018

If you've wondered what's been going on in the game this week at all, here's my best recreation of the events leading up till now

Please save me, gl Brandon
Points: 321 16 comments