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Game Over [long blog incoming]

9thJun 6, 2019 by TheOmen
Hello everyone. If you have been looking at the recent blog pages drama, you notice that t was not over who stole the latest Gemma weaves or who ruined someone birthday rookies charity or even the stuff itsalexia gets into (which Tyler by the end of this blog you won't even be THAT bad.)

This blog will probably go on deaf ears for those involved and who is feuding with me. So honestly (knowing they will neg once this gets posted) I'm writing this to clear my head and to actually show you guys what is like in my Point of view. Anyway, let's begin as to why there is drama involving me and that hashtag going around the site.

It was all over a Skype Game and my Drag and Group Game. Before I go any further you will need some background info.

As some of you know, I love Skype Minis. Big Brother's, Survivors, all the shit @Coreyrants does. If there is a skype game and I have the time to play, I play it. In fact, most of my "clout" was built from being in the Skype mini-community.

Sometime later I had gotten into RuPaul's Drag Race and other shows similar like Project Runway. It was a Project Runway skype mini hosted by mahogany that got me interested in doing it in a long-term setting.

This led to me playing various DR groups including groups hosted by Analiese Sloth_Roman and of course HighNoon

This experience plus all the creative ideas I had, I decided to create my own Drag Race group game around the winter of 2017. When I held my first season, I was having so much fun. We had great contestants that made it fun to judge, fun to talk to and overall created an experience that had me wanting to host more and more seasons.

9 seasons later, I'm proud of what I have done and I won't be stopping soon.

However, around my All-Stars season (Season 5) there was trouble. For All-Stars, I wanted to do the RPDR All-Star format of queens eliminating each other. It was a mess. Mainly it surrounded a handful of queens. Mainly there was some drama with queens who felt they did not deserve to go home. Obviously, I should have known this was gonna happen but I brushed it off.

Then came Season 8.

Season 8 was my biggest and most ambitious season. This meant I had the MOST queens to ever compete in a season. There was 3 huge point of contention. One was Aphrodite Starchild ( RightToCensor) and then the bullying of Aphrodite and other queens that season.
and that R word, Rigging.

Let's start with the bullying.

Throughout the season, and really any DR season, contestants can get, MEAN. But there is a difference, mainly it's played off as just a READ and not like personal. However, this season, queens took it personally.

Mainly, a lot of the "READS" made at the expense of a few queens lead to major fights. 

In particular, the girls were highly critical of @MihrauWada24 who competed as Sharol Dasho. I loved what they brought to the show but the queens would make fun of Sharol. 

When I invited her back for my second all-star season she declined because of the bullying she had received.


Also most of the bullying came from queens like Rubes who would always attack her, but we will get to miss thing later.

Now let's get to miss Aphrodite Starchild. Never in my 9 seasons of being a host have I had to BABYSIT a contestant more in my life. I literally felt like a fucking THERAPIST to you Aphrodite. It was exhausting and it took an emotional toll on me. From saying that you didn't feel like you have belonged like I felt horrible for you.

With that in mind, I was WALKING on EGG SHELLS with you. I literally felt that if I said the wrong thing to you, you would go on a rampage or you would harm yourself. And how you but your LIFE on HOLD to compete.

Like when someone says that they're putting all their time and energy into your contest, like how do I react to that? Like that was just some crazy manipulation because you literally had me feel bad for you if I critiqued something of you poorly because you put that time in.

I remember telling analiese and a few others how UNCOMFORTABLE I FELT aboout you doing all this shit to me.

Here are just a few examples from the season group chat and my DM of being around Aphrodite

I now want to point back to this blog Eric wrote.

In her EDIT 1... I clearly posted examples of her throwing a FIT if she did not get anything above a SAFE. You can ask any queen from our latest season. So to act like, "oh this never happened" is a STRAIGHT UP LIE.

EDIT 2: You caused me stress. I alluded to it earlier. I was a student at the time during the end of my spring semester. Why I hosted a group game is up for debate but I wanted to do something fun on the side. However with you flooding my DMs every day to say

"oh should my dress have blood on it" or "I can't find anything on IMVU for this theme, can I get a 2-day extension" like.... girl.

It was emotional stress because how can I judge someone who says that "they're pouring in 10 hours for a challenge." It just was TOO MUCH.

EDIT 3: literally your idea of advice and asking for help is literally trying to get something so you know I will like it. It makes some sense but Aphrodite I have told you numerous times that some of the questions you directed at me would cause me to go into literally judging. How fair is that?

And to say you were completely sane the entire time is horseshit.

How about the fact that you made 2 videos that are over 10 minutes long, calling out individuals and myself. What level of respect does that show me?

Anyway, now let's get to Rubes

Rubes competed in S2 and was literally so bad, she posted google images for her first few runways. After realizing you should not do that, she improved and became a solid drag queen. We had a good relationship. However things changed.

Rubes would tell me how I wouldn't rig everything in their favor. And when I eliminate you, you go and try to smear my NAME. Ah Hell, no c**t.

Rubes got so mad at me during S9 that she removed me from the skype chat. I then disqualified her from the competition. You know why she was mad? Because she could not submit something in time. She was like "ohhh I live in the UK waaaaaaa" yet British queens like gamerden13 had no problem submitting in time.

And the whole idea of "ending my career" has been an obsession of hers. As you can tell, she really want a vitrual drag race series to end because she thinks the host is "not professional"

as if your drag race is even fucking good. With fun and exicitng challenges like...
So So Scando-lass

And other terrible names.

This also leads me to her co-host nijoco.

Now I like Nicky but he is really Rubes' lapdog. After I told Nicky my feelings about Rubes saying how Rubes is out to get me, he goes and tells Rubes all this. It got to a point where if I tell him one thing it goes straight back to rubes.

Then we have rigging...

Look, I honestly don't know what some people expect. When I am judge, Jury, and executioner and it comes at your expense then you should not complain. You can disagree, sure but to say that if you don't do well then it's rigged makes you DELUSIONAL.

When you sign up for my drag race, you are subject to my judgment. If you have the mindset that it is someone else's fault for your failures, then you need to look in a mirror and ask yourself this, what can I do to get better? If that is too much, then you need to step back.

Also to bring Rubes back into his but here's a gem from S5 when I had sloth_roman takeover for me for a challenge PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR I SEE

This all culminates to last night.

I was playing a skype mini with rozlyn hosting. I noticed that Eric was in the cast. I was like "this is great"! Throughout the whole game, Eric would dangle around the fact that Aphrodite was below Mesothemoila and since they are both co-winners, his name should be over meso's.


When Eric won f6 HoH he dangled this at me in front of everyone left I the game. 

When I told him I would and after messing up the chart, he put me up and I was evicted.

I was furious. How could he do that? He humiliated me in front of everyone in the game all because HIS DRAG NAME WAS BELOW SOMEOMEONE ELSE'S! He did it to on cam with that smug grin like he is a douche football jock who says that the girl was asking for it. IT WAS PATHETIC.

So, I took his co-win anyway. Which btw, he only got because he won a spamming contest. And he even knows that as well.

So without me adding a last-minute fan vote, he would have LOST ANYWAY. And with his attitude and constant harassment he has giving me since January, I had ENOUGH.

Was it a shitty thing to do? Yes. Did I overreact over a skype game, YES.

But I am DONE with Eric, RUBES or any other person trying to GUILT TRIP ME into doing anything that is in their best interest. IM SICK OF IT.

Finally, let's talk about patricenka9

You started the trend that I won't mention and you feel so PROUD! Wow, congrats, you and 2 other people trended something that half the site are not going to give a shit about!

Also, you are so buddy-buddy with Rubes but... I'm not sure about that.

Yep. And also you act like hot shit when you're so irrelevant.

That's all on you.

Also, it is so lovely how the anti-omen crowd also seem to hate each other as well... this is for you snick427

So in conclusion, if you want to support righttocensor rubes patricenka9 nijoco lynda


But realize that if you don't kiss their ass, clean up their shit or hold their hand, that they will ATTACK you, SMEAR you and humiliate YOU.

So for you guys it's game over. I will still be here. I will still host my series when I feel like resuming it. Because giving in means that YOU win and HONEY, mama raised no QUITTER.


Speak your TRUTH.
Sent by mahogany,Jun 6, 2019
Also very flattered to be cited as an inspiration I will be pm'ing you my address to receive royalties
Sent by mahogany,Jun 6, 2019
my crown!!!!
asbestos time
Sent by rollingderp,Jun 6, 2019
Way to much to read
Sent by Babeeeidah,Jun 6, 2019
Aphrodite starchild and Zsa Zsa tea found dead
Sent by rollingderp,Jun 6, 2019
Omenpaul snapped everyone found dead
Sent by Analiese,Jun 6, 2019
theomen you did not address the simplicity of my issue. You came to me in PMs and said I lost due to track record NOT the LS. That's unfairly judged. That was only ever my point. You know it wasn't right because you told me in PMs is was some sort of weird revenge for you losing my race. You can speak your truth but so can I.
Sent by nijoco,Jun 6, 2019
Sent by RightToCensor,Jun 6, 2019
oo tea
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Jun 6, 2019
damn why wasn't i tagged, iconic blog though
Sent by dawnpeacly,Jun 6, 2019

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