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Mar 5, 2023 by Tester
I'm so glad Sam is gone!! I hated him this season and it was great seeing the minority misplay two idols (even though I like Nina).



The most boring player is gone

I dislike Shaun, everyone else can win I don't care much how it plays out. This season is SO GOOD!

Shiz is just iconic.

I just feel that these Heroes were not ready to play. They barely went to Tribal early on, had a few easy Tribals and even after the swap just sailed through. That non-elimination messed up the only gameplay that would have happened. But now they merged and these Villains and swapped Heroes have been through hell and back, playing since the very start. And they are just outplaying the Heroes.. It's beautiful to see! The last people I expected to make it this far were George, Hayley and Shonee wow
Sent by Juliann,Mar 5, 2023
juliann like it's beautiful to see!! sad the heros are getting demolished but my teams winning :) and ikr truly when george clocked nina at tribal i gasped cause she really had no foot this game. hayley either :/ with matt/gerry plus shiz it's kinda unfortunate hayley doesn't wanna go with george but i see why. it's actually crazy how much the villians dominated this season, not only did they hog the prejury screen time but they literally came into merge 4-8 and have the heroes on there knees??? like this is insane
Sent by daveycool,Mar 5, 2023
Sent by Cullenhi,Mar 5, 2023

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