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valentines day horror movie ratings

Feb 15, 2024 by Symmetry888
so i watched like three valentines day movies these past few days for smthing to do and i figured id rate them!

valentine (2001) is a solid 8/10. the movie would get a higher rating from me if it was sheer enjoyment, but like the twist reveal is sort of... obvious, in every sense. it has great kill setups, though, with fun sets and visuals which show a lot of care. despite being called a scream knock-off, it reminds me more of media like black christmas and sorority row tbh. worth repeat watches, honestly!

lovers lane (2000) is like a 6/10. this movie doesn't deserve this high of a rating in terms of a pretty bad script, honestly, and it is kind of a messy movie, but in a fun way. there is a lot of camp to this movie and its kills, but i like the idea of a movie based on an urban legend and there are some standout performances from a handful of the cast, so it was a fun watch to make fun of.

my bloody valentine 3d (2009) is like a 3/10. this movie deserves negative ratings but like whatever, it was at least funny if messy and obvious in terms of the twist. jensen ackles can't really act, so he looked constipated and yelled a lot. not many memorable characters, and they didn't seem to know what to do with them anyway. props for the set for the movie, though, as the claustrophobic mine shots were the only good thing about it. it had a dog for like two seconds too. :)) star of the movie.


valentine having the highest rating of the three... you are so right for this
Sent by Demgirl6,Feb 15, 2024
Demgirl6 admittedly there isnt much competition considering how few valentines themed horror movies exist...
Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 15, 2024
My two favs are Valentine and My Bloody Valentine (OG)
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 15, 2024
WannaBeeFriends does the og get better after the start of the movie? i couldn't get into it and decided to try the remake for a second go based on similar reviews for both... the remake is so bad, though. i wonder what universe they lived in to enjoy it so much.
Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 15, 2024
You should watch Fresh (2022)
Sent by woeisme,Feb 15, 2024
woeisme oh i saw sebastian stan was in that! maybe i'll have to give it a go sometime (you know, when i can stomach it...)
Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 15, 2024
The original is a vibe. You have to enjoy 80s slasher horror to love it, which is my favorite sub genre
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 16, 2024
WannaBeeFriends i will admit i have a bit of an obsession with 90s/00s horror personally, but 80s horror was really like... chill? i loved the fog and chopping mall. maybe i need to give the movie another try!
Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 16, 2024

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