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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Okay but for real

8thDec 22, 2019 by SurvivorFreak13
What gift do you want?

I’ll gift up to my t$ amount (800)


Plat glamour pls
Sent by EmzThorne,Dec 22, 2019
gift chanel tee to top20fan33
or browless rainbow to Cadden
Sent by Eilish,Dec 22, 2019
Sent by Girllover101,Dec 22, 2019
Please gift me Platinum Glamour. It's gorgeous
Sent by YSL_,Dec 22, 2019
santa beard woo
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 22, 2019
santa beard woo
Sent by Vlad21,Dec 22, 2019
Platinum Glamour please!! :(
Sent by Absolutely,Dec 22, 2019
Platinum Glamour <3333333333 thank you :*** merry christmas
Sent by systrix,Dec 23, 2019
Platinum Glamour please!! :(
Sent by thetrackerjackers,Dec 23, 2019
Anything male. I will gift back from my shop. Incase you wanna make deals lemme know.
Sent by galore,Dec 23, 2019
Royal Blue Eyes

Thank you!
Sent by Eclipse9,Dec 23, 2019
Christmas sweater from king ling
Sent by mbarnish1,Dec 23, 2019

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