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  1. rank these survivor winners
  2. it just feels so lame
  3. Kara was therea
  4. Angelina and Davie
  5. just bought me and my bestie
  6. The AS4 cast is SO good
  7. two gifts going
  8. who wants ANOTHER gift
  9. Should I gift one more person?
  10. Feeling charitable (again)
  11. Who wants the LIPS
  12. Who wants something in shops
  13. What jackbox pack should I get
  14. post xmas stuff ill buy it
  15. GOD I hate Gabby and Christian
  16. Gabby & Christian
  17. is
  18. Who is your fave & least fave on Vivor rn
  19. Anyone else kinda annoyed with Gabby
  20. Guess my fave guy and girl from Survivor
  21. Survivor Winners Ranking
  22. who were the challenge beasts this season of bb
  23. how much is a shop
  24. I fell off BB20
  25. I met my first tengager!
  26. Meeting my first tengager tomorrow
  27. No title
  28. does anyone have any good podcasts
  29. Top 5 RPDR Queens?
  30. Rank the MUA community
  31. When is the survivor Maryland finale
  32. This hasn’t happened to me
  33. Who wants haleigh
  34. Do you prefer sunny days or rainy days
  35. Who are Sam/JC/Scottie aligned with?
  36. Where do Sam/JC/Scottie stand?
  37. Who will win Survivor: Maryland?
  38. So
  39. docuseries
  40. BB16 FMK

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rank these survivor winners Dec 31, 2018
Points: 15 3 comments
it just feels so lame Dec 19, 2018
that they're scared to make winners unlikable to the casual fans now
Points: 29 2 comments
Kara was therea Dec 19, 2018
Points: 0 0 comments
Angelina and Davie Dec 19, 2018
were my top 2 from the VERY BEGINNING
the season overall was very good - very unpredictable up until the winner was crowned (called that from episode 1...)
Points: 0 0 comments
just bought me and my bestie Dec 17, 2018
tickets to see ariana YASS
Points: 7 1 comments
The AS4 cast is SO good Dec 4, 2018
Literally not one I don't like.
Trinity, Monique, Latrice ftw
Points: 54 3 comments