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  1. Anyone else kinda annoyed with Gabby
  2. Guess my fave guy and girl from Survivor
  3. Survivor Winners Ranking
  4. who were the challenge beasts this season of bb
  5. how much is a shop
  6. I fell off BB20
  7. I met my first tengager!
  8. Meeting my first tengager tomorrow
  9. No title
  10. does anyone have any good podcasts
  11. Top 5 RPDR Queens?
  12. Rank the MUA community
  13. When is the survivor Maryland finale
  14. This hasn’t happened to me
  15. Who wants haleigh
  16. Do you prefer sunny days or rainy days
  17. Who are Sam/JC/Scottie aligned with?
  18. Where do Sam/JC/Scottie stand?
  19. Who will win Survivor: Maryland?
  20. So
  21. docuseries
  22. BB16 FMK
  23. Victoria Zhao is my mom
  24. how is angela so high on jokers
  25. can i use someone's designssss
  26. Brett > Winston
  27. Who won most and least trending for week 3
  28. kaitlyn sucks
  29. Winston is ugly
  31. Who do you like more
  32. everything i touch dies
  33. If the good side does get depleted,
  34. how is big brother 20
  35. In the up for 5 days
  36. Which pokemon game of these should I restart on my..
  37. Okay
  38. who are the sides in big brother
  39. I don't watch the feeds
  40. No title

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  1. Sloth_Roman in "Anyone else kinda annoyed with Gabby" 12 days

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Anyone else kinda annoyed with Gabby Oct 4, 2018
on Survivor like you can't cry two episodes in a row that's so obnoxious.
Liking Davie, Jeremy, Elizabeth, Angelina, and Mike so far.
Points: 0 1 comments
Guess my fave guy and girl from Survivor Sep 29, 2018
for a GIFT

Hint 1: One is a winner, one is a non-winner
Points: 40 8 comments
Survivor Winners Ranking Sep 27, 2018
1. Natalie A./Chris
2. Chris/Natalie A.
3-34. Whoever
35. Cochran
36. Ben
Points: 167 19 comments
who were the challenge beasts this season of bb Sep 20, 2018
i haven't watched but based on jokers it seems like tyler, angela, and kaycee all did well?
Points: 15 4 comments
how much is a shop Sep 17, 2018
how does a shop work
can someone provide me designs
Points: 25 2 comments
I fell off BB20 Sep 16, 2018
long ago, as I do with every season - who is tengaged wanting to win?
And also, who is going home this week? Is Tyler gonna win?
Points: 14 2 comments