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Andy with more Nicole Wedding info

1stOct 20, 2020 by SmoothStalker12
Last week Andy Herren talked on Rob Cesternino’s podcast about his feelings toward not being invited to Nicole’s wedding. To save you some time, here’s the rundown:

-Andy said that after Big Brother 16 Nicole came to see Hayden in Chicago a lot. Andy lives in Chicago and they hung out often. They kept a friendship going and had mutual friends outside of the BB community

-When the wedding invites came out, he was a bit shocked he didn’t get one. He then went on to say:

“But then I learned that someone from my cast, not going to say who, but has a very big social media presence, who has only met her a couple of times. This person got invited to the wedding and I didn’t. This person said, ‘I am pretty sure I got invited because I have such a big following.'”

And I mean, who has a big social media following & has been in a few photos with Nicole?

It's BB115’s racist-turned-mommy vlogger Aaryn Gries (now Williams)

So long story short, it seems like Nicole is just trying to invite people with big social media followings to get the online clout of the wedding. Explains why she invited people she barely knows (Aaryn) and people she hates (Janelle) but are popular on social media

Sent by Delete2544,Oct 20, 2020
Money moves
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Oct 20, 2020
Sent by turkeylover,Oct 20, 2020
and shes friends w a racist sooo
Sent by morseka3,Oct 20, 2020
She also said Julie Chen went too hard on Aaron during her exit interview
Sent by Letal,Oct 20, 2020
Aaryn Williams has changed. I watch her vlogs every morning and she is a very mature mother now.
Sent by NotNicky333,Oct 20, 2020
Sent by iYBF,Oct 20, 2020
I was Aaryn's server one time! She's really quiet lmao
Sent by nmh95,Oct 20, 2020
Sent by doobee,Oct 20, 2020
I love Aaryn
Sent by Carvalho,Oct 20, 2020
Sent by Jinxh,Oct 20, 2020
Sent by Akeria,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by top20fan33,Oct 21, 2020
This website is weirdly OBSESSED with forgiving racist white women.

She has not changed she's the same stupid blond racist white bitch but can control her edit. She literally likes racist shit on Twitter that's why her account is private. Y'all are so fuckin DUMB. yaxha

Im gonna start stanning the homophobe on ANTM men vs women season just to see how you losers react
Sent by Timster,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by EmzThorne,Oct 21, 2020
Twitter is private and all comments are disabled on her YouTube videos Timster as well, clearly she hasn’t changed she’s just trying to hide
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Oct 21, 2020
Nicole is trash and so is Aaryn.
Sent by BigMamaT,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by ItsAustin,Oct 21, 2020
Okay but Andy also sucks too. He's such a performative ally
Sent by Dinosauro27,Oct 21, 2020
Timster is right she has a cult following of white moms who litteary dont care that shes racist and if you tell them that they will call you obsessed
Sent by doobee,Oct 21, 2020
Ewwwww She continues to disappoint me further
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Oct 21, 2020
Why did Yax get tagged
Sent by konohavillage1,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by Paige54,Oct 21, 2020
Sent by Dusty12910,Oct 21, 2020

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