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Why was Lawon allowed

1stSep 7, 2020 by SmoothStalker12
To offer himself as a renom and tell people to vote him out so he could return to the game with a special  power, all while production knew there wasn’t a power waiting for him.

But when Ian and Tyler threaten and beg to quit the game/go up as a renom, Grodner tells them that they can’t.

I understand this is an “All Stars” season so people quitting might not look good, but Tyler was in tears last night saying he was ready to be backdoored and sent home, but 2 hours in the DR changed his mind... where was this for Lawon?

Tyler to Bayleigh- They told me it's against the rules to ask people or give people permission to vote you out. I learned this yesterday...after I talked to you guys #BB22

Tyler to Dani- I know you trust me 100%. Literally I wanted to go before jury started, so I kind of like... (feeds cut) #BB22


I think we know why
Sent by kesha,Sep 7, 2020
Solid point, and production straight up messed with lawon there with that renom
Sent by FromAWindow,Sep 7, 2020
+9 because that of that racist obese cunt alison grodner
Sent by zenzymes,Sep 7, 2020
fr and you can tell ian and tyler are clearly suffering, let them out
Sent by wheatbread,Sep 7, 2020
Sent by Electric,Sep 7, 2020
I don’t think Lawon was that much of a loss tbh, whereas some of these allstars are
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Sep 7, 2020
Probably because his was funny
Sent by Sunfire,Sep 7, 2020
Grodners WAP
Sent by Chic,Sep 7, 2020
probably because he is a POC
Sent by Jinxh,Sep 8, 2020
Lawon is okay with being evicted
Sent by doobee,Sep 8, 2020
2 totally different situations...
Sent by tannerandkaleb,Sep 8, 2020

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