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Did Cliff Make a Mistake?

2ndJul 26, 2019 by SmoothStalker12
Okay I want your thoughts on Cliff's decision to renom Bella because I personally think it was a waste. But I understand the pros & cons, which are:

~His word and trust with Christie is in tact, possibly working together in the future
~Christie SAID she will use her power in his favor, but personally I don't believe it
~Jack and Jackson are "appreciative" of it
~He is now more of an "in" with the core group than an outsider i guess
**It may have been better for long-term gameplay rather than short-term

~He already committed to making a big move by putting up Jack and Jackson, but went back on it?
~I truly don't think Jack and Jackson will work with him in the future after that move
~He is "joining" the same group that brought in his bff Sam and then dropped him?
~He took out a number from the outsiders, despite being an outsider himself

IN SUM: I understand he said this will help him in the long run. Yes, i think this will make the core group target Sam/Nick/Nicole first, but that doesn't mean they will treat Cliff like he's IN with them. He is the bottom of the totem pole.

I would argue that a better move LONG-TERM would be to fracture the core 6, taking out a strong competitor and not taking out Bella who is already such a big target.

SO, what do you think?


It was irrational and dumb and his only reason was that "he can't break his word". It was even worse that he allowed Christie to keep her power. It was just all around idiotic
Sent by Funnehliner,Jul 26, 2019
He should've backdoored Christie
Sent by yachj,Jul 26, 2019
I think it was the best move for his game. It wasn’t the sexiest move, but if he lied to Christie, knowing the next HOH comp is endurence he would be more f’d up
Sent by Zmiles02,Jul 26, 2019
Sent by Natepresnell,Jul 26, 2019
Sent by modesto,Jul 26, 2019
Sent by Willie_,Jul 26, 2019
he’s idiotic
Sent by Survivor_fanpage123,Jul 27, 2019
he's the sharpest player in the game.  taking a hard stand against the people in power wouldve been worse for him
Sent by Zuelke,Jul 27, 2019
in no world was it a smart move, most definitely the dumbest so far this szn
Sent by GentlemanG,Jul 27, 2019
Not s smart move but a benefit to him I can’t lie. I think we’re all forgetting Bella was initially ‘in’ with the alliance, called J+J ‘my guys’ etc and ran her mouth all over the house, exposing alliances to her detriment. Her game was really sloppy and I don’t think she’d have been a future ally for cliff.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jul 27, 2019

He backdoored bella because Christie and Jackson are starting to butt heads. He knows they will go after each other soon, and he wants to be in the middle when that happens.
Sent by NotNicky333,Jul 27, 2019
He will go further this way than he would have shafting them.

But it's much of a muchness as he can't win anyway.
Sent by iAyeEye,Jul 27, 2019
Sent by 5651Omar,Jul 27, 2019
Christie is the center of everything in the game currently, and can change on the flip of a dime. If Jackson/Holly/Sis or anyone else she already has some distrust with decides to not follow what Christie wants, she'll at least know that hey, Cliff just sheeped my idea, maybe I should trust him more.

I think the more enjoyable and more strategic move was trying to flush Christie's power, but I genuinely think he took the second best option???? If you can't beat them, join them.
Sent by BluJay112,Jul 27, 2019

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