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4thNov 30, 2018 by SmoothStalker12
I have a new mode of rookies that I would like to blog about and see what people think. It is called Bounty Rookies.

So the game can be played normally, 58 post, 13 post, the form doesn't matter. But from day 1-2, the public will place bets as bounties. AKA, they will place bets on the people they want to get nominated. So if I saw fighterman in the game, i would place 30ts as a bet on him because i want him OUT.

Each day, the HoH has to nominate the two people who have the MOST bets.  Past day 2, the 2 people who aren't nominated that have the most bets have to be nommed. Also, you may think you'll be safe if you have the least amount of bounties, but if you get algoed, your target will be HUGE!

EDIT: 1st HoH nominates as close to DC as possible

Your position in the game is basically dependent upon the TG public who places bets/bounties on people in the game.

You might think "why would i bet on someone i want to lose?" Revenge isn't free! Also, you can help your friends out in the game by placing bounties on other people to increase the size of their target.

As for PoV and voting, there are no rules. You can save and vote however you want, but I imagine a great deal of strategy will be involved.

What are your thoughts people???

When i am out of my current rookies i want to give it a test!


good talk now plus my spam
Sent by maturo,Nov 30, 2018
I like
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Nov 30, 2018
King of creative, innovate ideas!
Sent by Christian_,Nov 30, 2018
This sounds like a good idea :) It would be good if betting was extended to day 2 then people could do more bounties
Sent by GoodKaren,Nov 30, 2018
sounds good
i'll prob play cuz i'm not willing to risk 16t so i'd waste 15 to be a part
Sent by Passionfruit,Nov 30, 2018
Sent by MoooHades,Nov 30, 2018
That's actually a pretty good idea!  :)
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Nov 30, 2018
I mean sounds fun but you wont catch me betting on people just so they get evicted
Sent by koolness234,Nov 30, 2018
let's get you in the game and see if people feel the same way koolness234
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Nov 30, 2018
smoothstalker12 you dont want that because I would nominate who I wanted regardless of bets
Sent by koolness234,Nov 30, 2018
i tend to ruin games where i have to nom certain people so i would suck all the fun out of it like allison sucked all the cum out of me this morning
Sent by koolness234,Nov 30, 2018
I wish this site was still being updated the way it used to be. Cant believe rando has let this site go to waste after all these years. Hopefully he will sell it or something to someone willing to take care of it
Sent by Actor,Nov 30, 2018
dances as the model of this blo
Sent by FighterMan,Nov 30, 2018
Oooooooo fun I’ll play!
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Nov 30, 2018
god koolness234 I wish
Sent by Allison,Nov 30, 2018
Will be more cool if the ppl with the lowest get nommed
Sent by Kuririn,Nov 30, 2018
I find it dumb
Sent by Harley,Dec 4, 2018
Why would people want to waste their ts then lol.
Sent by regina_george,Dec 13, 2018

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