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Why is Aquamarine

2ndFeb 1, 2024 by Shenellica
imageMaking me defend MmabatlokoaMolefe, please don’t talk on looks, speak on personality. I’m allowed to speak on looks i’m hot. You look like if Woody from toy story dyed their hair blonde from a gay breakdown and a vacuum pumped you up too much your eyes popped out, Mmba is not the best person, but lets not act like you’re all high and mighty or anything special. You hid off this site for years because your own behavior embarrassed you, atleast Mmba stands in her grave


Oh wow you really went off
Sent by survivorfan12,Feb 1, 2024
Too real
Sent by Kopycat,Feb 2, 2024
shut up tired bitch
Sent by WorkBitch,Feb 2, 2024
I once had to delete him on Facebook in 2012 as he was dissing my looks after a TG meet up. This surprises me not but is saddening.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 2, 2024
I’m allowed to speak on looks i’m hot.
Sent by BenjaminB,Feb 2, 2024

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