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The Shenellica's blog

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Maxi ur donezo vote Apr 18, 2024
You got banned for 31 days in the past now its PERMANENT? Gl cunt!!!
Points: 19 1 comments
You would think since T$ cant be boughtvote Apr 18, 2024
Anymore that shops be like 150 but oh no they post ghetto ass shit for 350-450, who is buying that in this economy? Like its the mental illness for me
Points: 91 3 comments
Emmaleigh returns in five days Apr 17, 2024
Be prepared twinks, you aren’t ready.
Points: 140 4 comments
Isn't it so weird J*hnny Mar 21, 2024
Aka TGDeuxMoi attacks Others looks like bamold1999 and MmabatlokoaMolefe’s but throws a hissy fit and cries at 30 YEARS OLD when I say he looks like the puppet from Dead Silenxe? LMAOOOOOO
Points: 64 0 comments
Anybody that calls themselves “Queer” Feb 22, 2024
Should be bullied……sweetheart lets live in reality you’re gay, lesbian, bi or trans
Points: 0 1 comments
Here he goes again Feb 19, 2024
TGDeuxMoi you have alot of nerve to talk so personally on other people when delete2544 probably cheated on YOU since you guys “dated” for 2 years and never fucked, AND you paid for everything! Your personal digs are so low it competes with that cratered ass face
Points: 147 5 comments