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New TDI s2 link anyone? Thx Dec 11, 2023
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Paul, Nov 8, 2023
may I also say that I find you to be a c**k-sucking, c**-guzzling Republican c**t… And I sleep better at night knowing that you’re not in the White House.”

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Lee from survivor uk is trash Nov 5, 2023
Sexist pig gross
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My aunts funeral was today Aug 25, 2023
Extremely emotional a beautiful send off and partying hard just what she wanted.

In her own words “I hope you lot aren’t miserable cunts when I’m gone ” is what she said last time she came to visit us and I’m trying my best to honour her wish I just can’t help but cry. Today I managed to rekindle with my family wishing it was in different circumstances and My aunt Booey was still here with us but we fully talk, cried, Laughed & drank for her

you guys it was such An amazing send off one she would’ve loved an absolute party which she was herself after being able to spend time with my family at my cousins I’ve not only talked about everything but I’ve felt the love from every single one of them.

Really sorry for over sharing but I just at this moment need to just say how I’m feeling even if that means no one even interacts with this and if you do I am so greatful 🖤
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Thankyou for the love and kind words Jul 27, 2023
I’ve not experienced such pain like this I’m struggling so hard to come to terms I can’t believe she’s gone. I was literally suppose to go walk down to the train station around this time to go pick her up and walk to ours carrying her suitcase and laughing. I don’t know what to do anymore I want her back terribly please I’m begging
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My aunt sadly passed away yesterday Jul 26, 2023
I am hoping and praying she’s up in heaven Dancing, Laughing, Drinking & Hugging her parents she didn’t deserve to leave us this soon she’s the heart of the family and I can’t believe she’s gone. I just want her back so bad.

But she has saved 2 peoples lives by donating her organs that’s the type of person she was loving and caring for everyone I am so proud of her and so happy to have had her love and kindness in my life I just wish we had more time. I want to see her hear her voice and laugh feel her warm embrace Her attitude her confidence she had an amazing life and a who gives a fuck attitude the life of the party a one of a kind woman so strong and beautiful.

I just don’t know what to say or do anymore I want her back here she was suppose to be at ours tomorrow laughing drinking hugs everything now we can’t have that anymore please I want this to be a dream I need her I need to tell her I love her how amazing how loved she was just everything.

Can’t wait until we meet again have our banter our wild dances being weird and I can have those amazing hugs of yours ❤️

I love you forever and always auntie Booey I’ll be searching for the brightest star!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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