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Black level🖤 Dec 22, 2018
Points: 55 6 comments
Fire making twist is shit af 💀 Dec 20, 2018
People been saying that twist was introduced just cause survivor wanted Ben to win so to make it look less rigged they kept that twist for More seasons....but Kara got fucked over by it and I’m super annoyed..
Points: 45 3 comments
Brown level 🐻 Dec 12, 2018
Broke bitch alert 😂
Points: 11 7 comments
Red level ❤️ Dec 7, 2018
I can play hunger games oh shit lol 😂 I never thought I’d be on these levels this fast but yass red level af x❤️
Points: 60 15 comments
Purple level 💜 Dec 2, 2018
Might as well just buy it instead of saving up.
Points: 30 9 comments
Top Fashionista 😍 Nov 30, 2018
imageKHCDGVBF I’m screaming 😂 top fashionista? Shocked but Damn af 😏😂❤️
Points: 70 7 comments