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Nominated for 16th !!

4thNov 11, 2012 by STOKES2009
imageIts not every day I join a stars game, but when I do, I play to win. I dont have my friends here by my side to help me get through this. I am completely relying on my own strategy and gameplay to further myself here. I hit an obstacle right when I joined and it followed me to the pollbox. 
I wasn't born to follow and I'm not sure if I was born to lead, but what I'm certain is that I was born to fight my way through to the end. 

Give me this push and I'll shove the real threats out the door. Gl Keith


+ :D
Sent by dools,Nov 11, 2012
Sent by Vitamin,Nov 11, 2012
goodluck :)
Sent by Hayley03,Nov 11, 2012
Sent by conza1994,Nov 11, 2012
gl. sexy guy in ur pic ;)
Sent by evilgenious448,Nov 11, 2012
Sent by brandonpinzu,Nov 11, 2012
Apparently you hot so i saved you. According to (Adam) Bellajennaxo

Sent by PrinceRomeo,Nov 11, 2012
Good luck!!
Sent by Megan,Nov 11, 2012
Good luck!!!
Sent by mercedes415,Nov 11, 2012
gl stokes!
Sent by MikeRORO,Nov 11, 2012
Sent by Xbac5,Nov 11, 2012
win it teresa!!! saved you!!! wish you all the best!
Sent by Horror_Bull_710,Nov 11, 2012
Well said ;) lol
Sent by faygo,Nov 11, 2012
you should win this stars tbh
Sent by Sajanas300,Nov 11, 2012
Gl :*
Sent by Dylamo,Nov 11, 2012
Saved ya gl< 333
Sent by davidfisher,Nov 11, 2012
Saved you!!!!
Sent by capguy1,Nov 11, 2012
Very good speech :) Sorry you got evicted :(
Sent by xCelestex,Nov 11, 2012
ur my idol and u will always be my idol
Sent by alanb1,Nov 11, 2012
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