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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Rxysen's Random.Org Survivor S1 EP10

Apr 5, 2021 by RxysenBB
Tim ( tbrown_47)
Rose ( TheRoseHorse
Sam ( americanidolfan)
Max ( MaximumEffort)
Patrick ( Pkpkpkpk)
Keef ( keefe) 72
Jimmy ( Jacadeux)100
Bone ( Dbonee)
Logan (@LoganWolfe)
Hoop ( lhooper902976)

11th Zach ( zach3051)
12th Jay ( abstractjay)
13th Tris ( TMAN54445)
14th Ali ( tokio)
15th Mark ( Mrkk)
16th Tyler ( Tbart)
17th Treeko ( Treeko)
18th Noelle ( Heavenlee)
19th Brice ( 13bam)
20th Nathan ( Matedog1209)

Vakamas Idol # is 96

Closest Guess: Sam guessed 97 (so close)

At Reward

They are split into 2 groups of 5
Group 2 wins Reward!
Group 2 consists of Sam, Max, Hoop, Logan and Rose

At Outback Steakhouse, Logan finds a clue to the idol, his grid board is now 50-100

At Immunity

At Tribal

Jeff: If anyone has an idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

Alright Ill read the votes

First Vote... Rose

Second Vote... Logan

Third Vote... Bone

Fourth Vote... Sam

Fifth Vote... Logan, thats 2 votes Logan

Sixth Vote... Bone, thats 2 votes Bone

Seventh Vote... Sam, thats 2 votes Sam

Eight Vote... Sam, thats 3 votes Sam, 2 votes Left

Ninth Vote... Bone, thats 3 votes Bone, 3 Votes sam, 1 vote left.

Final Vote.... and the 11th person voted out of Rxysen's Survivor S1 and our 3rd member of the jury....
Bone thats 4 and thats enough.

Bone, the tribe has spoken *snuffs torch* Its time for you to go.

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