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Nominated for 7th in Stars

5thApr 18, 2019 by Rosemount
Hello Tengaged. I am back here again with another blog. This stars is just a whole mess. Each and every single person in this cast has been lying through their teeth. You thought the term friends meant something? Well I am here to tell you that means nothing. I have tried so hard this past dc to get the two people unnominated on the block, but alas, this cast Is like talking to bricks. Actually id prefer to talk to bricks because they have more of a personality but whatever. I hope you can send me back into the game Tengaged because I am not done fighting for the win. I know I can do better but I just need your help Tengaged because all of you are my fighting chance this game and every save helps and the support has been phenomenal thus far!

Thank you tons Tengaged! Please click Yoshicoolmans button here !!


Sent by Thumper91,Apr 18, 2019
Gl my friend
Sent by obey_me,Apr 18, 2019
plussed and saved bro!!
Sent by nickgqc,Apr 18, 2019
Sent by Wade,Apr 18, 2019

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