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  30. Check out my vlog :)
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(VLOG) Stars Finals!

4thAug 27, 2016 by Rocker917
Please give me your vote to win here, it'd mean so much for me 

I've finally done it, I've been countered multiple times in this game and had to protect my allies and myself with every word I said. I struck many deals and pushed for many sets. At the end of the day, I'm sitting in finals now and I couldn't be more excited.

I played a strong social game, avoiding counters at times when I had played a huge part in the prior day's nominations. 

I'd truly appreciate your vote to win, as I have been the head of the snake that just couldn't be cut off

Top Respect to Drew and Coco, two phenomenal stars players and I couldn't be more satisfied with the group I am in finals with


Sent by Brandt69,Aug 27, 2016
Voted and plussed, best of luck!
Sent by Koji,Aug 27, 2016
GL man
Sent by Carlo_Costly,Aug 27, 2016
You're so awkward it's adorable!!!
Sent by Brunonian,Aug 27, 2016
GL boo ily
Sent by coreyants,Aug 27, 2016
Vote and plused friend me
Sent by foreverlaughingone23,Aug 27, 2016
Sent by hwest14,Aug 27, 2016
fuck aliens, wtf is this voice
Sent by Ari_,Aug 28, 2016
u remind me of randy orton
Sent by tomba,Aug 28, 2016
You deserve to win this game!!
Sent by g1ng4,Aug 28, 2016
Good luuck sulley voted for you
Sent by TheBlackDog,Aug 28, 2016
Whatever Vlog you do, do it shirtless.
Sent by Daulton7996,Aug 28, 2016
You weren't shirtless.. lost my vote
Sent by Mine,Aug 28, 2016
You're hot
Sent by EyooMarcus,Aug 28, 2016
You weren't shirtless.. lost my vote
Sent by Brandt69,Aug 28, 2016
Sent by Styxxe,Aug 28, 2016

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