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So I made history today Mar 16, 2019
I was the first ever person to completely flip a go kart over during a race at my local go kart course. And IDK how the fuck I managed to do that
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When learning how to drive... Mar 14, 2019
What was the hardest part for everyone to perfect? So far, mine is parking, turning, braking, accelerating, changing lanes, checking mirrors, backing up, and driving in general.
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Fuck off!!!!!! Mar 13, 2019
Mastropola you cunt!
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Read the poem I actually put effort in plz Mar 13, 2019
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A Poem About My Day Mar 13, 2019
I wake up in the morning
I go and take my pills
I get ready for a job interview
So I can pay some bills

I make a quick stop at Walgreens
So I can get some things
When we get back to the car
My dad's phone begins to ring

It's an Indian guy calling
He said his name was David Cooper
They "busted" him for drugs
But David was a snooper

He got my dad's number
Social Security that is
He got really pissed off
And he yelled at the kids

I had to go to the dentist
So we went over there
The dentist showed my x rays
That gave me a scare

I have to get my underbite fixed
I needed to choose a route
Break my jaw or pull two teeth
Then get my wisdom teeth out

My dad got a call from school
My brother was being bad
My dad got angry and blamed me
What the actual fuck dad?

I then went to Lowes
The interview nerves made me tired
I accidentally messed up a counter
And I got an employee fired

I then went to Cracker Barrel
To get interviewed for my job
The work was retail sales
Then came the lunch break mob

The interview went well
So I went out to eat
And I almost got run over
While walking across the street

I went back home to change
And then I practiced driving
Turns out in a bigger car
My skills end up thriving

I parked the car and went inside
My dad was in a fit
He yelled at me but I stood my ground
But I was about to get hit

My mother then got angry
My dad left the room
That's when I realized
He was the source of my endless gloom

It's now 4 hours later
And now I'm in bed
After this eventful day one thing is certain
I wish my depression was dead
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Ok so I am confused Mar 12, 2019
So my little brother started calling other students in his third grade class bastards and started screaming in the corner about me for some reason. And my whole family blames me for him misbehaving in school because I recently had to withdraw from my university. Please tell me how this shit is my fucking fault????? I wasn't even at his school, and I was asleep when he went to school. I haven't done anything bad either since I got back. So WTF did I do to make him misbehave? Why am I getting in trouble for him misbehaving at school?????????
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