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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


3rdJul 13, 2013 by Razorclaw13


Sent by jadennator1,Jul 13, 2013
gl razorclaw13!!!
Sent by Vitamin,Jul 13, 2013
saved ya.
Sent by McBenjamin,Jul 13, 2013
I actually watched all of this u seem like a pretty chill guy
Sent by TheThomas,Jul 13, 2013
saved u cos i love this
Sent by owlb0ned,Jul 13, 2013
You did great Zech, hope you stay bud < 3
Sent by Markb101,Jul 13, 2013
Good luck :)
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jul 13, 2013
Omg you nommed florina too ;o?
Sent by RiDsTeR,Jul 13, 2013
razorclaw13 im gonna laugh so hard when u get 89%

also i want a stars shoutout gl
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Jul 13, 2013
it isn't loading for me lol
Sent by dmann,Jul 13, 2013
Sent by Lemjam6,Jul 13, 2013
Did you just come out of the bathroom? Lol
Sent by Anas,Jul 13, 2013
We were robbed :/
Sent by disneygeek,Jul 13, 2013
I'm shocked you actually nommed me 2x lol I felt secure with you to the end :s
Me and real had close results :/
No grudges tho hopefully I can stop thinking about that poll soon!
Sent by disneygeek,Jul 13, 2013
I still dont get y u n disney nommed me   but 4th is rlly good u did great
Sent by drb00m,Jul 13, 2013
as charming2010 got you and didnt get me


Sent by Rebelman2227,Jul 14, 2013

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