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  1. I wouldn鈥檛 do it,
  2. My coworker told me yesterday
  3. Cristina Ramos
  4. New semester,
  5. for every +30 POINTS
  6. Aquamarine is such a cunt
  7. Appy Hour Applications Open! [Gift Prize]
  8. As if I鈥檇 want you anywhere near me
  9. Should I start a group game?
  10. PYN for decency rating
  11. PYN and I鈥檒l let you know
  12. Life is hard
  13. I wish it were hot outside
  14. Batya is going to be arrested :/
  15. I鈥檓 sad
  16. Why are the lights in my car
  17. I looked for someone to come over
  18. Happy birthday me 馃お
  19. Tomorrow is my birthday :)
  20. Uhh does itsdyslexia ever log off?
  21. Is my avi allowed
  22. Update
  23. I hate those vegans
  24. Holy shet
  25. Ask me questions
  26. Sorry
  27. Whatever happened to Brandt69
  28. I hope puberty saves you
  29. I鈥檒l be back on January 16th
  30. Getting myself banned again
  31. Hi
  32. I deleted my Skype
  33. I鈥檓 making cookies :)
  34. I'm forcing myself to stop
  35. I wish someone were as happy
  36. oh good
  37. Ok I need to do something
  38. Everytime I鈥檓 driving
  39. I only need to get on Dean鈥檚 List
  40. Should I send this?

Uhh does itsdyslexia ever log off?

Jan 11, 2019 by Philip13


itsdyslexia kjsdfkjsdkjf
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DaddyDev and him eat sleep tengaged and repeat
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