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⭐️ Stars Finals: Vote for me to Win ⭐️

7thApr 21, 2018 by OATTY3
~ 6th Stars, 3rd Finals, 0 Wins ~

I knew coming into this game I had to change up my strategy if I wanted to make it to the end and WIN. I have made it to the end before but didn’t have the resume to pull off a victory, but now I feel as though I do. I was the last unnommed with Jeff all the way until final 5 and that was no accident.

“Last time I played like a cop and this time I’m playing like a criminal.” – Sarah Lacina

This was my motto this game. I learned from previous players that you have to play cutthroat in order to win and I was not going to sit back this game and let other people make decisions for me or make moves that wouldn’t benefit my game somehow.

I talked to people every day, so I knew where the numbers were and used that to my advantage. I manipulated allies and other players to get the people that I wanted on the block and sometimes that was an ally if that meant saving my own ass.

I have worked so hard this entire game making relationships that would benefit me, making moves that would get me further in the game, and I earned my spot here in this Final 3. In my heart I truly believe I played the best social and strategic game. I hope you see that and I hope you vote for me to get my first win in Stars! <3


y u call yoself fatty sure u aint dat fat
Sent by BlacKaren,Apr 21, 2018
u have my vote gl:)
Sent by jessijuliet,Apr 21, 2018
Sent by Hash,Apr 21, 2018
Good luck 😊
Sent by Amnesia_,Apr 21, 2018

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