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"Be kind to one another" - Ellen

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Randomize Get Mods Jun 29, 2018
I am so sick of Casillas being obsessed with me to get me out of every hunger even though I've done nothing to him.

He's so pathetic that he is playing comps for ppl that I attack because they are little bitches and too afraid to actually play the game. NotNicky333 Kelly0412

Ahmed stay obsessed with me if that's what you want since you're too immature to even tell anyone what I did to you because.... oh yeah I never did anything so you have nothing to say other than "STAY PRESSED!" lol what a loser... maybe you have some big lesbian crush on me so thanks for the confidence boost and fuck off :D

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Winner of Stars 492 Apr 22, 2018
Thank you to all of my supporters! This win is because of you! <3

I appreciate every single one of you that voted to support me in this game whether that was when I was nommed for 5th, nommed for 4th, or if you voted for me to win in finals! A lot of you were silent supporters mailing me and pm-ing me on Skype and because of you I was able to come out on top!

I could not have done this without my 100% loyal allies along the way such as Matthew09 and Bluejay7622 and I love you guys so much!

I finally did it and I am so incredibly grateful! This win feels so much better because of how much work and strategy I put into this game to make it to the end and finally get that win I deserved!

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⭐️ Stars Finals: Vote for me to Win ⭐️ Apr 21, 2018
~ 6th Stars, 3rd Finals, 0 Wins ~

I knew coming into this game I had to change up my strategy if I wanted to make it to the end and WIN. I have made it to the end before but didn’t have the resume to pull off a victory, but now I feel as though I do. I was the last unnommed with Jeff all the way until final 5 and that was no accident.

“Last time I played like a cop and this time I’m playing like a criminal.” – Sarah Lacina

This was my motto this game. I learned from previous players that you have to play cutthroat in order to win and I was not going to sit back this game and let other people make decisions for me or make moves that wouldn’t benefit my game somehow.

I talked to people every day, so I knew where the numbers were and used that to my advantage. I manipulated allies and other players to get the people that I wanted on the block and sometimes that was an ally if that meant saving my own ass.

I have worked so hard this entire game making relationships that would benefit me, making moves that would get me further in the game, and I earned my spot here in this Final 3. In my heart I truly believe I played the best social and strategic game. I hope you see that and I hope you vote for me to get my first win in Stars! <3

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Appreciation Blog to my Supporters <3 Apr 21, 2018
I wanted to thank everyone who supported in my being nominated for 5th and currently for 4th as well as all of the silent voters that have been voting to keep me in the game. I love you all and I really appreciation the amazing support <3

I really hope your help will get me into finals and have a shot to win this game that I have put in so much hard work for <3

And a quick Shoutout to Crush because I learned a thing or two from our last stars that helped me play a lot better this time around ;)

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⭐️ Nommed for 5th ⭐️ Apr 20, 2018
Unnommed until Final 5!

This has been by far the best stars game I have ever played. I came into this game knowing that I had to change up my strategy or else I would flop like I have done in the past. I wasn’t going to play the sheep game anymore and I wasn’t going to play the stay loyal to a fault game anymore because that didn’t work in the past. I knew that I had to play this game a little ruthless.

I talked to everyone, made connections, and built relationships with the whole cast so I was always in the know. Everyday I knew how people were voting and I knew everyone’s plan for DC. I was able to use that to my advantage to lock in sets that I wanted to go through that would be best for my game. Sometimes that meant nominating an ally, sometimes that meant splitting on friends, sometimes that meant causing a lot of confusion and letting other people take the fall for it, but at the end of the day it always meant that I was able to escape the block and I would be setting myself up for success in the game.

Did all of my sets go through? No
Did all of my plans work exactly the way I wanted? No
BUT, did I adapt to several situations and still figure out a successful outcome? Yes!
Did I get myself out of being a counter on more than one occasion? Yes!
Do I deserve to make it to the end of this game and have a shot at winning? Hell yes!

This is my 6th stars and I truly feel like I have played an amazing strategic and social game and I hope you all see that and help me survive this poll <3

I love you Tengaged! Thank you for all of the saves and support!

Vote to save me! ❤️


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My 1st Hunger sponsor <3 Apr 12, 2018
Shout out to bigbrotherlover7 has sponsored OATTY3 with arrows >>------>

I hope I can make you proud this game and bring home my first Hunger win!
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