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⭐️ Nommed for 5th ⭐️

Apr 20, 2018 by OATTY3
Unnommed until Final 5!

This has been by far the best stars game I have ever played. I came into this game knowing that I had to change up my strategy or else I would flop like I have done in the past. I wasn’t going to play the sheep game anymore and I wasn’t going to play the stay loyal to a fault game anymore because that didn’t work in the past. I knew that I had to play this game a little ruthless.

I talked to everyone, made connections, and built relationships with the whole cast so I was always in the know. Everyday I knew how people were voting and I knew everyone’s plan for DC. I was able to use that to my advantage to lock in sets that I wanted to go through that would be best for my game. Sometimes that meant nominating an ally, sometimes that meant splitting on friends, sometimes that meant causing a lot of confusion and letting other people take the fall for it, but at the end of the day it always meant that I was able to escape the block and I would be setting myself up for success in the game.

Did all of my sets go through? No
Did all of my plans work exactly the way I wanted? No
BUT, did I adapt to several situations and still figure out a successful outcome? Yes!
Did I get myself out of being a counter on more than one occasion? Yes!
Do I deserve to make it to the end of this game and have a shot at winning? Hell yes!

This is my 6th stars and I truly feel like I have played an amazing strategic and social game and I hope you all see that and help me survive this poll <3

I love you Tengaged! Thank you for all of the saves and support!

Vote to save me! ❤️



Sent by Maybelline,Apr 20, 2018
GL Oatty3 seeing you & Jeff on the block sucks :(
Sent by Matthew09,Apr 21, 2018

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