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my SnapChat streaks are off the chain :)

Feb 8, 2018 by MoneyShot
the tags are the tgers I have streaks with and the ones without is my other online peeps from wizard101. and I have a few friends from irl like jazzmin :)

The Leader:
Yuli - 130

Second and below Leader:
Sam s73100 - 108
Jazzmin - 104
Fraih m7md26 - 100
Elise eliserose - 76
Hamad Steven999 - 54
Lauren Thumper91 - 46 (we're getting back up there again. :))
Bree - 27
Gabbie NotAfraid - 26
Lauren R - 14
Lilly - 11 (Which I call her Silly Lilly. I had to give her a nickname if she calls me Jakes Cakes lol)

so many making to the 100s and need to do a shout out on my story for Fraih (m7md26 for being the 4th streaker to make it to 100 streaks with me  :)) yay :)


add me @ ev.cochran
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