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  1. Oof lol
  2. Enjoy making this series :)
  3. A heads up!!!
  4. A positive message :)
  5. Havent done this for awhile....
  6. i'm a youtuber :P
  7. You don't like what I have to say?
  8. Im always late on helping lol
  9. First Class of ASL :)
  10. Fun Fact about me :)
  11. Tonights Icon Reward goes to???
  12. Should I join the "Lil" Rap Clan?
  13. Started A Toontown Series :)
  14. Sorry but have to say that....
  15. Im confused!
  16. Wanted to show off one of my newer Covers
  17. Happy Valentine's Day!
  18. All I Need For Valentines Day Is?
  19. Becoming Strong!
  20. Sorry fam emotional night ig
  21. When girls live on Recruit difficulty!
  22. I flopped
  23. Gl besties ❤
  24. Im so in Love with Ari lol
  25. I ship
  26. I believe in Respect :)
  27. No title
  28. My Fans Showed up On my last blog ❤
  29. I'm 17!
  30. Close to having a panic attack.
  31. Don't be like me Ladies and Gents!!!!
  32. Oreos can be bad for you
  33. my internet is glitched btw!!!!
  34. Stars Support :)
  35. SnowStorm Incoming!!!!!
  36. What I say to ghostwriters :P
  37. My diss track on Birks will always be a hit ;)
  38. I don't really do any trending stuff but...
  39. My biggest fear nowadays is?
  40. Just had an embarrassing moment! Lol

Fun Fact about me :)

Mar 12, 2019 by MoneyShot
I may come off as a flirt and a ladies man and a goofball but what y'all may not know from the true insides I am a Gentleman and also can be professional and serious towards some topics and always been professional if one of my friends whos a female ask for help on what dress they wear or any appearance so dont let my jokester side fool you cuz I can be rlly serious and deep when it comes to certain stuff and if Idk you too well I may be more quiet or act like im less interested cuz ive accountered by more judgemental girls as well in my past who also takes some actions the wrong way and overreact is also the other reason why I may not as try hard enough on communication on someone new or im not too sure of. Cuz idk if you're actually open minded and dont take offense easily or not and honestly my new method has been just minding my own business and doing what I do and rely on fate or when ik a good timing of need to talk. So dont take any of it personal cuz its just me being more cautious on new people cuz of how this world is nowadays. So dont be afraid to speak up and share whats troubling you too like if I say something also that you questioned or you may take it the wrong way just ask then assuming what your mind is telling you cuz thatll avoid all the unnecessary drama and if theres something makes you uncomfortable say it cuz im the type of person who rather hear honesty even if it may be hurtful cuz my control is better than before on sensitive, personal topics. And i will fix that and change it just so you feel more welcome and comfortable. And hope you all have a good day :)

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