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12thOct 27, 2019 by MichelleObama
imageDay 13 Question:  If you lived in the Pokemon World, what would you be?

I would be a Picnicker. Most specifically Picnicker Liz's best friend. Picnicker Liz has always been my favorite pokemon NPC. I love her dialogue and her presence has always been funny to me. I would love to just be a Picnicker in a grassy route, constantly chatting on my Pokégear, calling people at inappropriate times to let them know how cute my hoppip or weepinbel, or seaking is. I end with a quote from Picnicker Liz herself

This is Liz!
Good evening!
Listen, listen!
My NIDORAN... it's... so pretty...
and... giggle... so awesome... yes...
but... very much... eeek!
And... lovely... just ravishing...
Oh, too much! Hug it... Sleeping...
That's right... pretty... Sigh...
So nice... cute...
... Oops! Look at the time! I chatted too long!
I'm sorry I took so much of your time!
I love chatting!



omg my fav first lady
Sent by kochi,Oct 27, 2019
Ugh yes liz picknicker
Sent by Neleh,Oct 27, 2019
love that
Sent by Boots22,Oct 27, 2019
liz yes <3
Sent by NJKoda1998,Oct 27, 2019

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