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The Library of Congress

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80 Jul 13, 2018
so if kandee_ can become a mod for making some logos
i should get a mod position for making this gif of queen ween http://i.imgur.com/JHfEALe.gif
it even won some TG Gif Big Brother like last month
my impact and contributions should not be ignored
Points: 496 13 comments
79 May 30, 2018
13karl makes these weight loss blogs every time he comes back and uses the same pictures each time. He deleted all the other times he did it, but brandonator and yaxha are filtered from commenting on his blogs because they called him out the last time he did lmao.

Points: 811 14 comments
78 Mar 15, 2018
cause she had poor jury management
like worse than paul and russell hantz :/
Points: 326 7 comments
77 Feb 1, 2018
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  Keeping wedding dress in plastic bag allows light to get to the dress where it will break down the fabric and lead to discoloration. Hence keep your wedding dress in ph neutral storage box the Tea Length Wedding Dresses can remain for long time. There are wedding dresses where you can wear in only particular environment where it could be simple and elegant and also for particular destination like cruise wedding dress where the destination wedding is cruise you can wear bright colors so that you can match the dynamics of a cruise and intensively you will look sexy and glamorous. cruise wedding dress come in shades of purple ,blue ,red and orange ,other destination wedding dress is the tropical wedding dress where the destination is surrounded with lush evergreens and enchanting beauty of woods and forests .this wedding dress is unconventional dress and accessory used is metal jewelry and there are other destination wedding dress like beach wedding dress where the environment would be sun, sand and sea. This dress could queenisha be off the shoulder and back of the dress with sequins and lace with thin straps .and also you can choose set theme of water in your Antique Wedding Dresses   . if you are planning your wedding among banana trees or serene you can wear traditional wedding dress that woven with silk top quality an d sleeves extending the whole hand this wedding dress gives elegant look .
Points: 0 3 comments
76 Nov 16, 2017
when i didnt do my homework but i still pretend to turn it in so nobody knows i didnt do it until it gets graded
Points: 1011 12 comments
75 Oct 13, 2017
Points: 335 21 comments