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65 Have You Ever Questions

Jun 30, 2009 by Megan
Been pulled over?
No way. I am a great driver and I don't speed or drive drunk or anything.

Dyed your hair?
ya I colored it if that is the same thing.

Pulled an all-nighter?
almost but I didnt make it. i ended up falling asleep lol

Baked a cake?

Fallen down in public?
yes of course lol I do that alot.

Been caught making out?

Taken a pregnancy test?

Broken a bone?
no and I hope I never have to.

Had braces?
nope just a retainer

Gone skinny dipping?
no way

Built something out of wood?
nope I am not that talented lol

Been to Disneyland?
no but I went to Disney World

Eaten a Krispy Kreme donut?
yes but it made me have a bad stomach ache every time I ate one, so I dont eat them anymore :( it sucks because they are so good.

Screamed during a scary movie?
yes of course. I hate them and they are scary.

Showered with someone of the opposite sex?

Been to a professional sporting event?
yes I went to a Texas Rangers Baseball game and it was boring. I would not mind going to a Dallas Cowboys game though.

Slept till noon?
uh ya and I have slept till like 5:45 pm too lol

Been arrested?

Opened Christmas presents early?

Played Scrabble?

Rolled down a hill?

Toilet papered someone's house?
no way that is so mean

Laughed so hard you cried?
yes lol

Burned yourself with a curling iron?
no but I burned myself with my hair straightener a lot

Been hit on by someone too old?
yes actually that happend a few weeks ago lol

Gotten seasick?

Eaten food that fell on the floor?
ewww no

Given a hickey?

Shared a sucker with your dog?
ew no way

Been in an accident?
yes when I was younger

Had chickenpox?
yes :(

Shopped at Home Depot?
yes and that store is boring as hell

Spied on your neighbors?
no way I am not a stalker

Plucked your eyebrows?

Ridden in a limo?
yes i loved it

Had a pet fish?

Lied about your age?

Bought something at a yard sale?

Fired a gun?
no way that would be too scary.

Been drunk?
no way

Had a cavity?
yes I had to get 3 of them filled last year :( no fun

Been ice skating?
yes and I hate it

Handed out candy to trick-or-treaters?

Been in the hospital?
ya i did when i was little because my mom thought i swallowed her medicine.

Made a prank call?
hahahahahahaha yes.. i just did a week ago. it was sooo funny hahahahahahahah

Been sick on your birthday?
yes once :(

Gotten a tattoo?
no way

Had food come out your nose?
ya one time i laughed so hard and lemonade came out of my nose lol

Gone out without underwear?
eww no gross

Had a massage?

Locked your keys in the car?
no not yet, but one day I am sure I will lol

Ridden a horse?
yes and it was scary

Been lost?
yes i always get lost when I drive somewhere new lol

Held a $100 bill?

Been to Europe?
no but i want to

Built a fire?
no but i helped

Slept Naked?

Been skydiving?
omg no that is scary

Hogged the covers on purpose?

Played golf?

Watched the Weather Channel?

Had a manicure?
yes i loved it

Made mashed potatoes?
yes and mine sucked lol

Written your phone number on a napkin?
ya once

Been to the circus?


dido +8
Sent by crazy342,Jun 30, 2009
Weather Channel <3
Sent by AlohaLani,Jun 30, 2009
Right you. Simmer down.
Sent by mwidotwan,Apr 19, 2011
nice one faggot
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