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I'm on a roll, finished Vanuatu, Palau

Jun 7, 2018 by Matthew09
now on to Amazon.

Palau thoughts, I actually liked this season. I liked watching how the Ulong tribe had to survive losing 0-8 straight immunity and Stephanie literally is a GOAT; beating Bobby jon at the end to be the last sole survivor from her tribe and she went deep after merge too. Like she's a really good player, physical, mental, AND strategic. SLAYED her season.

Did not like Ian or Tom and I must say Katie is a bit underrated. She was pulling strings as well. Caryn cracked me up, she should have an academy award by now (im hoping). Overall I'll give this season ehhh a 7 out of 10. I could see it not being a favorite favorite from people but for me more of a personal one ranked fave. #survivor

Ulong: Angie, Steph, James
Koror: Janu, Caryn, Coby


Caryn is funny unintentionally, Ian and Tom are better on rewatches than first watches imo, I love Katie, and Angie Jakusz is a premerge boot that I'm devastated hasn't returned yet. If it weren't for Koror assigning Ibrehem immunity, she could have done much better
Sent by amf7410,Jun 7, 2018
amf7410 i feel like katie will grow on me if i watch again but she came off as a bitch sometimes; but AGREE with Angie so proud of her did not expect her to get that far, and her leaving on a TIE that should have stayed cuz IB got immunity from OT. smh.
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 7, 2018
Matthew09 Katie comes off as a bitch but if you watch her as if she's not serious she's really funny and great
Sent by amf7410,Jun 7, 2018
Yeah maybe I just didn't get her sense of humor, but she's not bad amf7410 I just didn't like her vs Caryn. But I'll have to admit it was Caryn that went off on her LOLOL.

Just wish they were on the same side together.
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 7, 2018
Steph made the season
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jun 7, 2018
matthew09 good luck with amazon
Sent by capguy1,Jun 7, 2018
matthew09 yeah it would have been iconic I'd the girls alliance at final 7 worked out
Sent by amf7410,Jun 7, 2018

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