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Finals in Stars 191 : Unnommed till 4th

16thJul 14, 2012 by M2thamax
imageOmg,final 3 in my first stars! I cant believe it! This is a dream come true!

My first stars game and UNNOMMED till final 4! ^-^

I came into this game one week ago not really knowing what to do that much since it is my first stars! I've played group stars games before and did well,but nothing like the real thing! But I was defintly super excited to join for the experience! Never in a million years would I have thought I did as well as I did!

People say I was sheeping Allie and Austin all week,and that is far from the truth! I trusted them,and with good reason,so that is why I didnt make a move to backstab them early! Everyone else in the game I couldnt trust at all! So why would it be smart for me to nominate the people that I trust the most! So I guess that is why people keep thinking I was sheeping,but all I was doing was playing smart and staying loyal! 2 key strategyies in stars!

Well with my gameplay! I would go through every day and tell you everything I did,but I know noone reads that anymore!

But on day 1,I was put in the majority of 10,and every nomination went how we wanted! People started flipping on day 3,but we still ran through the house like a power house up until Day 8,when the origional majority obviously had to break up!

So when that happened, I went and I took the few people that I trusted the most,which were Cory,Allie,and Austin and we stuck to a F4 deal! We brought in Sirbeastly and Jdog as well because we needed more for majority at that point,and we basically had them wraped around our fingers at that point too!

But like before,every nomination went how we wanted! Even though I was a counter nom almost every other day! I still stayed off the block,which I am defintly proud of regardless!

During this game,I had to think with my head,and not with my heart,and I defintly had to put my social skills and my strategic skills to the test! I had to gain trust of people so that when it got to the end,hopefully they wouldnt nominate me,and at the same time,I had to think smart about nominations of who to keep and who to nominate and hopefully get evicted!

But regardless of what happens,I was very proud of myself for making finals and for going unnommed till F4 in my first stars! Regardless,Im happy! I would LOVE to win because I did work my ass off this week and never sat back and relaxed ever! I never assumed I was safe! I always had to think of the worst case senario and make that not happen!
So PLEASE tengaged,push my button and give me the win of Stars 191! I feel like I deserve it and I want it so badly!

Goodluck Tony and Keith! May the best man win! :)



Goodluck Max ultimately you deserve this win
Sent by Popeye,Jul 14, 2012
Good luck!
Sent by Gilligan,Jul 14, 2012
Grats Max!
Sent by JUM40BUM40,Jul 14, 2012
you did great! good luck buddy!
Sent by jb237613,Jul 14, 2012
yay Chaos is successful once more!
Sent by Brad13535,Jul 14, 2012
I love Maxxy!!!!
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Jul 14, 2012
voted you to win
Sent by yoshi9999,Jul 14, 2012
Good luck!!
Sent by Jenna2010,Jul 14, 2012
gl max
Sent by vh1luvr15,Jul 15, 2012
glll :)
Sent by finegold,Jul 15, 2012
*Realistic Results*
16th: vh1luvr15 (58.2% against LucyX3Jean)
15th: panda13 (53.3% against Dusty12910)
14th: Jouix (51.9% against Joee323)
13th: Keitho44 (55.1% against bamold1999)
12th: Joee323 (54.1% against Dusty12910)
11th: Dusty12910 (56.2% against LucyX3Jean)
10th: JMLeahy (51.6% against je7467)
9th: LucyX3Jean (59.2% against je7467)
8th: bamold1999 (53.9% against sirbeastly)
7th: sirbeastly (51.8% against jdog)
6th: jdog (50.7% against Austin)
5th: Ausin (50.2% against AllieBoBallie)
4th: M2thamax (59.2% against Chlltownofcourse)
3rd: AllieBoBallie (23.3%)
Runner-Up(2nd): Chlltownofcourse (31.9%)
Winner(1st): je7467 (44.7%)

Most Times Nominated: Dusty12910 (2)
Sent by ThePhenomenalOne,Sep 4, 2013

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