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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Kenan Horatio Thompson


[1st Place/Winner] over 2nd Place: takeisha89 and 3rd Place: brainysmurf97 /

[13th Place/3rd Evicted] 5-2 Vote (4 No Votes) over noah_kondon


15th - 1(Tailslover13s "Total Drama Survivor Crossover 3" 6-2 vote over emily7pop,

16th - 1(bham9090s "Survivor Tocantins" 3-1 vote over IJustLostIt, (

28th - 1(5651Omars "Random.Org Rivals" Finished dead last in the challenge and lost to TreyHurt13 & Obscurity in The Jungle; 5651Omar was my Rival,


[2nd Place/Runner-Up] Red's "Survivor XI - Revivial" 2 Jury Votes - Jade/Shaun (Lost to Aria) [16 Castaways]

[3rd Place/2nd Runner-Up] TheGamingDragon's "Survivor II - Sri Lanka" 1 Jury Vote - Jacob (Lost to Erin) [18 Castaways]
- Dragon's Favourite of the Season Nominee

[6th Place/7th Evicted] jayrox's "Big Brother III" 3-0 vote over Cam (evicted by Noah/Jack/Damian) backdoored by Blake H., (Juror # 6 - Voted Damian) [16 Houseguests]

[6th Place/8th Evicted] jayrox's "Big Brother V: All Stars" Double Eviction over Garrett and Daulton (evicted by Damian & Caleb) once again evicted by Blake H., (Juror # 6 - Voted Daulton) (2) [16 Houseguests]

[6th Place] Witz's "Big Brother IV: Double Trouble" evicted with 48.8% to save over Carson (3) [18 Houseguests]

[6th Place/9th Voted Out] CC's Survivor Morocco "Last Laugh" voted out by Justyn, Ryan, Ben, Carlos, & Alan; (4) [16 Castaways]
*Funniest Member of the Cast*
*Villain of the Season*
*On the DVD Cover for the Season*

[8th Place] Luis' "Survivor: El Salvador" B.I. 5-1-1-1 / A.I. 5-1-1 voted out by Mel, Josh, Alan, Jacob, & Will; (Juror # 2 - Voted Josh) [16 Castaways]

[11th Place] Suitman's "Survivor XXVI - Bhutan" - 4-1 voted out by Eric, John, Marcus, & Nick; [16 Castaways]

[11th Place/3rd Evicted/5th Evicted] Andie's Big Brother "Takeover" Evicted 4-3 over Izaak (evicted by Tristan, Josh, Shadi, & Latisha)/Evicted 6-2 over Rich (evicted by Tristan, Josh, Shadi, Jake, Jess, & Michael) [16 Houseguests] (Juror # 1) (2)

[12th Place] JJ's "Big Brother 4" Evicted 5-3 (yeah there was something called the war room in play but it was stupid and ultimately screwed me out of returning) [16 Houseguests]

[12th Place] Jaybird's Survivor II "Boys vs Girls" 4-1-1 (Voted out by Boogie, Zander, Molli, & Andrew) [19 Castaways] (2)
*Tied for Favorite Pre-juror, but I was praised a bit more by the host*

[13th Place/3rd Voted Out] Thegamingdragon's Random Stars Evicted with 71.4% of the vote over Robbyjak (Stars is just a stupid popularity contest) [16 Houseguests]

[14th Place/5th Voted Out] BigBen's "Survivor III: Nepal" 5-1-1 voted out by Shawn, Brian, Nathan, Scott, & Tim (morons) [18 Castaways]

[14th Place/3rd Evicted/15th Loser] JJ's Big Brother Second Chances "10-1 vote" [28 Houseguests] (2)

[15th Place/4th Voted Out] noah kondon's "Survivor IV: Fans vs. Failures" 5-1-1-1 vote over Fire Dragon, Matt, Andrew (voted out by Robby, Fire Dragon, Brandt, Andrew, & Mitch) [18 Castaways]

[16th Place/4th Evicted] Blake's Big Brother IV - 10-3 Vote Over Molli [19 Houseguests]

[17th Place/3rd Voted Out/1st Voted Out of Reminiscent Island] noah kondon's "Survivor III: Greece" 3-1 vote over Fire Dragon (voted out by Jay, Fire Dragon, & David) also voted out 2-1 by Bob over Steve (betrayed TWICE); voted D.J. in Reminiscent Island Jury Vote, [18 Castaways]

[39th Place/4th Evicted] Carly Jordan's "Big Brother VI: The Revival" 2-1-1-1-1 (4 Houseguests did not vote to evict) over Harry, Bob, Emily, & Naomi; [42 Houseguests]


AlphaBravo's "Big Brother Bravo"
16th: MakeOrBreak (expelled due to 2 days of inactivity)

sahmosean's "MegaMeme"
16th: Trollface (11-3 against Scumbag Steve)

Tengaged's "Stars"
16th: peenk (52.4% against HOLYLOL)

T.V. Shows I Have Seen:

- Kenan & Kel: Complete Series
- Recess: Complete 1st Season
- Hey Arnold: Complete 1st Season (minus Un-Aired Pilot & Shorts)
- Survivor: Borneo

My Games 2 games played

2 Apr, 15
16 Aug, 12

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