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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


8thMay 27, 2013 by LucyX3Jean
@DragonSlayer4u, you're honestly so dumb.

"Nobody with intelligence, money, and a future would ever join the armed forces.  Joining it means you had no future without it, and are a fucking loser."

There's many known people who have a better life than you who were in the armed forces.

Bill Cosby, Drew Carey, Jimi Hendrix, Montel Williams... just to name a few. They served and did more with their life than you will ever be able to do.

People in armed forces are heroes and treated with respect when they come home. Idk what made you so fucked up in the head, but you should rly see someone about it.


Sent by lemonface,May 27, 2013
Amen...and Happy Birthday, babe ^_^ LucyX3Jean
Sent by dav_o_79,May 27, 2013
lucyx3jean if you read my post you would see I am referring mainly to modern day military folk.  ww2, vietnam, korean wasn't really a choice to many, and in those cases they exception.  only when someone chooses to do it
Sent by DragonSlayer4u,May 27, 2013
lol at @montel williams though
Sent by DragonSlayer4u,May 27, 2013
Elvis was in the military too! But on a side note, I would gladly join the military. In fact I had planned to until I was injured at work. But I love this blog. +13
Sent by amartin,May 28, 2013
amartin okay sorry but if you can be injured at your job your probably dont have a very good job so you are just supporting Dragonslayer4u 's point
Sent by karolusmagnus,May 28, 2013
I was injured working as a caregiver. I was in the process of training to be ready for boot camp for the Air Force, but because of my injury I can't be accepted into the military anymore. And that doesn't support his point. He is saying people would be more successful outside of the military, but I would rather be IN the military than out of it.
Sent by amartin,May 28, 2013
Sent by amartin,May 28, 2013
amartin hunny
as long as I have known you, you have never met the body mass index inorder to pass the entrance physical to get into any branch of forces.... maybe with the exception of the peace core.
Sent by Cgyflames01,May 28, 2013
Clearly you didn't read the part that said "in the process of training". I never said I was joining right away. cgyflames01
Sent by amartin,May 28, 2013

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