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2ndNov 10, 2013 by LucyX3Jean
Just some things that I wanna say because these people just won't give up and shut the fuck up or get over things and shit.

Aquamarine - Now, I know you have a problem with the whole me taking money from my job thing and you even put it in the same level as killing someone and all that shit. Can I just remind you that the fact that your family even has the money they have is because your dad did insider trading? That's illegal, but you don't see me saying shit about your dad constantly and making blogs and all that. You may have stopped blogging about me, but you still bring me up on calls. Get over it.

ShayyBayy - Now, I am hearing that you constantly talk shit about me on calls. You're a pathetic fat bitch, lol.. When Johnny brings up my mom, you say how I deserved what happened with her? You really wanna say that when your mom was in the hospital and you know exactly how I felt when everything was going on with my mom? Get over the fact that I do not like you. Stop talking about me and stooping to the low level of your pathetic best friend. It's really not flattering for you.

Lastly, brandonpinzu - You have apologized to me twice now and in each of those apologies, you say how you were wrong and how I am one of your best friends. I've told you this already, but "best friends" do not say the shit that you have been saying about me and what you have said about my mom. It's your choice that you wanna throw away everything between us that has happened the last year and a half, I have no problem with that. But when you apologize for saying the shit you did and then going and bringing me up on calls when I apparently am not even mentioned is pathetic. You keep saying how other people are obsessed with you, but it's you who is the obsessive one. Telling people to remove me from their friends list because they're friends with me and just bringing me up whenever you want.. When it comes to needing help, I can actually admit to myself that I need it and I am actually getting it, but you need to realize that you need help as well. You get too caught up in trying to be friends with everyone not realizing that you're losing friends in the process as well with how you're acting. Please learn how to get over this shit, because it's getting really old now.

And I'm personally done now. So whatever. If you guys wanna continue bringing me up on calls for no reason and talk about me, whatever, just know it's pathetic.

Also, I don't care if this gets rage negged by your little group of people.


i like you
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Nov 10, 2013
Sent by Libido,Nov 10, 2013
Sent by dmann,Nov 10, 2013
You GOT them.
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Nov 10, 2013
Sent by sihz,Nov 10, 2013
for the record i've never heard shayybayy say anything like that about you, at least not when ive been there!
Sent by lemonface,Nov 10, 2013
+13 i like them but the personal attacks need to stop
i always wanted to be ur friend but idt u like me
Sent by Teddybear,Nov 10, 2013



Sent by Stering_butter,Nov 10, 2013
That's horrible to say bout ur mom!!!
Sent by saraj10,Nov 10, 2013
LucyX3Jean Oh shit!!!
Sent by XavierR83,Nov 10, 2013
I have no problem with you, Teddybear lol
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 10, 2013
"Telling people to remove me from their friends list because they're friends with me and just bringing me up whenever you want."
I would like to give a shoutout to @volcomvans for ratting big Pinz out!
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 10, 2013
oh yeah he's banned lol
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 10, 2013
-15, because you're sadly misinformed probably by the same people that always have to bring something up to cause drama ROFL.

Lucy I honestly hate you. You're pathetic, you're entitled and you're a cunt that everyone talks shit about. Not just me, johnny, or pinzu. No one cares. Maybe if you weren't such an entitled little cunt people would actually like you. But people have told me that even the OC is getting tired of your shit, which I think is HILARIOUS.

I hate you, I could care less what Johnny or anyone else wants to say about you. I've said nothing about your mother. Ever. ROFL. But keep thinking I have and keep thinking that you're so entitled and AMAZING that we just HAVE to talk about you.

No. No one fucking cares about you, now shut the fuck up. I already told you the last thing I'd say to you is you need a SERIOUS reality check, and you still do.

Now, goodbye cunt.
Sent by ShayyBayy,Nov 10, 2013
Also, you're desperate cry for attention is falling on deaf ears of EVERYONE you have tagged in this blog, so good job! Spamming a blog about how you're SUCH an innocent person. ROFL please notify me when you enter the real world, and then maybe I'll actually want to hear what you have to say after you go through a major reality check. But for now I could care fucking less about you or anything involving you, because you're not the type of person I would EVER want to associate myself with. thx, and now bye. xoxo.
Sent by ShayyBayy,Nov 10, 2013
Ok ShayyBayy, you're honestly retarded with half of the shit that you just said. You have people on your calls that tell me that you guys talk about me and you are one of those people. I wouldn't have said any of this shit if I didn't know for a fact that you guys bring me up. I honestly hate you too because you're such an annoying piece of shit. This isn't about people liking me, because I could care less if people liked me. I have my friends that I talk to, there's no point in me caring if people don't like me. I know I am a bitch, but I'm not pathetic at all. I don't constantly say shit about any of you like you guys do with me.

[4:16:47 PM] ********: Like when johnny talks about your mother
[4:16:50 PM] ********: she'll be
[4:16:56 PM] ********: good she deserves it

So please don't tell me that you don't say shit, when I know you do. And I would love it if nobody cared about me, then you guys wouldn't be on call talking about me randomly all the time. You're honestly retarded, Shay.
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 10, 2013
And I didn't spam shit lol........ I don't spam anything of mine, everyone knows that.
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 10, 2013
ily lucy :*
Sent by JamesM,Nov 10, 2013
I agree with the aquamarine one!
He is up alexa's ass and shay's ass so I think we can all expect him to be the way he is

Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 10, 2013
lucy ♥ +
Sent by smi9127,Nov 10, 2013
Sent by VoLcOmVaNs,Nov 10, 2013
lucy :[ < 3
Sent by doodleshugh,Nov 10, 2013
Why would you ever hate someone from tengaged? @ShayBayy
Sent by nmh95,Nov 10, 2013
awe :(
Sent by justwannasayhi,Nov 10, 2013
im srry ur sad lucyx3jean
Sent by nextbigthingyy,Nov 10, 2013
To be fair you are very crazy so I can see why they would say this stuff about you when they're mad. I'll admit I don't know you personally but you've been a bitch to me since I met you and I'm still not really sure why. Maybe you're different with people you're friends with but I know you were friends with people on that survivor tribe and you fucked them over pretty much cause you hate me for some unknown reason. So yeah, seems to me that if you want people to be nice to you maybe you should try being nice to them.
Sent by Foxox,Nov 10, 2013
I don't like you, Foxox because you act like you're better than other people. Idk if that's just your personality, but I don't like it. Also, I heard from someone that you didn't like me. So obviously when I don't have a problem with someone and I hear they don't like me, I'm not gonna continue liking that person. Next, the survivor thing, I didn't do it just because I don't like you. I did it because of a remark that was said by Gabe to Jon. And finally, I could care less if people are nice to me or not. It's not about that at all. It's the fact that they're constantly talking about me on their calls when there's no need to talk about me at all. They could be talking about something totally different and then all of a sudden bring me up. It's pathetic and old. That's the point I am making here.
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 10, 2013
How do you know how I act when you've never had a conversation with me? I dislike you because any interaction I've had with you you acted like a bitch. And maybe you should stop paying so much attention to what people think of you. Cause one person makes one comment about you you decide to fuck over everyone else on the tribe? You were supposedly very close to one of those people so I just dont get how one person saying one comment justifies you doing that. And then you didn't even try to get that person out you tried to get me out when I literally did not say one thing about you.
Sent by Foxox,Nov 10, 2013
Sent by amills5,Nov 11, 2013
We've had convos with each other before, Foxox. We've been on calls with each other as well. And I rarely pay attention to what people say about me, but when they say something that doesn't relate to me at all, obvi I'm gonna pay attention. Also, you shouldn't say anything to me about fucking people over on the tribe when it wasn't even my idea to suicide. And I couldn't try to get Gabe out anyways, cos he had immunity, so.
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 11, 2013
LucyX3Jean, I personally am indifferent about this situation, because I think it is pointless, but I will just say this, the one thing that is always bothered me about you (aswell as people like Kentuckyy, and jm101) is that you all get so enraged whenever you hear someone talks shit about you while you're not on call with them. Like do you expect them to add you to the call every time they wanna say something to you? The fact is, there are always gonna be people who talk about you, and there is nothing you can do about it. I am sure you do the same thing to other people. I am 100% sure you can't say that you have NEVER once talked about Johnny or Shay on an OC call. So please, just take that into consideration before you try to use it as an argument or try to get into a fight with someone for that reason.

Other then that, everything else involved with this blog is retarded and you're all dumb for even fighting about it :)
Sent by Zeptis,Nov 11, 2013
Zeptis do you expect us to be HAPPY when people talk shit behind my back? Are you delusional.
Sent by jm101,Nov 11, 2013
I dont recall ever being on call with you or having any in depth conversation.
Obviously you do care what people say about you though because you made this massive blog based on third party information about what people have said about you.
Maybe it wasn't your idea to suicide/kpell but you still did it and you were the one with close friends in the game so the fact that you'd fuck them over because of one not overly offensive comment that was made about you by one person makes it seem like you care a hell of a lot.
I just think you need to re-evaluate some of your choices cause you seem to be really self-centered.
Sent by Foxox,Nov 11, 2013
I like how you can stand up for yourself without anyone backing you up. < 3 +13 :)
Sent by Maxi1234,Nov 11, 2013
Zeptis, you're another one that is dumb. I don't care if they talk about me, I specifically even said that I don't care if they wanna continue talking about me, but it just makes them pathetic. The fact that they talk about my mom though is what gets me. It's uncalled for and bringing her up is not relevant to anything that has to be said about me. But they talk about the same shit over and over again. It's old and like I said, there is no need for it. Obviously I have talked shit about them, ya, but I didn't do it constantly every day or randomly. If they were brought up by someone, ya, I would say something. But it's not like I go on call and then just start saying shit about them. It's rly not worth my time to talk about them.

Foxox, you don't have to recall being on call with me, I know we have been. And if you read some of the things I said to Zeptis above, you would understand why I made this blog. I don't care what people say about me, but when they talk about other things besides me that relates to me, obviously I'm going to care. They have no right to say what they have said because it's disgusting. Also, my close friends don't care that I suicided. We were all gonna get voted out anyways, so it really honestly didn't matter to them at all. It's a game, it doesn't mean anything..
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 11, 2013
Well if I don't remember being on call with you or speaking to you I don't think whatever conversation we had was particularly important or long so I don't think you can form an opinion of me based on that. And obviously you cared cause you kpelled.
The thing is, you're a bitch to people, so it makes sense that occasionally they would bring you up when they're talking to their friends. I think you need to realise that you're not the focal point of everyones existence. Maybe people talk about you occasionally in the context of a conversation amongst friends but that's really not any of your buisness and I don't see why you care so much.
Sent by Foxox,Nov 11, 2013
You're not understanding, Foxox. They talk about my mom who passed away saying how I deserved that happening and that they were glad that she passed away. When they bring my mom up and say those things, I am going to care. I'm sorry you're obviously too dumb to get the point that I was trying to make in this blog, but when you don't know the reason behind why I made this, you shouldn't have an input. You keep saying the same shit over and over about how I obviously care. I have said this to you each and every time. I do not care what people say about me at all, but when someone says something like that about my mom is disgusting and I am obviously going to care about it. They bring it up each time that they talk about me. And kpelling doesn't mean I care. If I cared, I wouldn't have kpelled because then my health wouldn't have been 50 and I wouldn't have had to join like 5 fastings. So anyways, you might as well just stop replying if you're gonna continue saying the same shit. I don't like you, that's that. I don't care if you don't like me, it's whatever.
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 11, 2013
How do you even know they say that though, I kinda doubt anyone would actually go on call and be like wow I'm so glad this persons family memeber died. I just kind of don't belive that they'd do that. And you're the one who made a big rant blog about it, if you don't want people commenting on it don't make it public knowledge. Any time I've heard anything about you its you bitching at someone for one thing or another. It just comes off as really self centered from my perspective.
Sent by Foxox,Nov 11, 2013
[11/1/2013 7:19:59 PM] brandonpinzu: You've proven to me, that you're a disgusting cunt and deserved everything that happened to you in life ^_^
[11/1/2013 7:20:14 PM] Lucy =]: and i'm the disgusting one
[11/1/2013 7:20:15 PM] Lucy =]: ok

[11/1/2013 6:24:03 PM] brandonpinzu: I'm happy her mom died.
[11/1/2013 6:24:04 PM] brandonpinzu: #ByeBITCH!

[11/1/2013 6:29:16 PM] corey: lucks mom was getting
[11/1/2013 6:29:20 PM] corey: lucys*
[11/1/2013 6:29:25 PM] black: lucks mom
[11/1/2013 6:29:28 PM] corey: away from her ass
[11/1/2013 6:29:35 PM] corey: she couldn't stand her face anymore

Also, I have friends who get added to their calls and tell me when they talk about my mom, Foxox. But you can believe they don't do that, your choice.
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by MileyTwerk,Nov 11, 2013
Not surprised by shayybayy she talks shit about everyone even her friends so this blog doesn't surprise me shayy is a cunt
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Nov 11, 2013
Keep brandonpinzu out of your mouth you thirsty bitch.
Sent by AmandaBynes,Nov 11, 2013
I'm not sure how to take this blog. Personally, I didn't like Foxox when I first heard of her, but I have grown to like her and her humor is brilliant. I kinda get that she jokes around a lot so whatever she does doesn't make me think anything bad of her. LucyX3Jean I think you are a very nice person judging from stuff I've seen from you. But from reading all these comments and this blog, we've only really heard your side of the story and haven't heard anything that you have said/done to these people that you are taking about. I'm not saying you have done anything, it just baffles me how these comments are made out of the blue with no reason. I'm completely sure that the people who have made comments about your mother aren't being serious, I mean, it comes across as insensitive but judging from the way these insulrs were written, they were composed out of anger and frustration. I do feel for you though, I have a sick mum myself and if something were to happen to her and a joke was made about her, I would feel like shit too. When you're put in the situation of a comment being made about a deceased parent, you have to realise that the people saying this to you have not had the previous referential life experiences that you have had and they don't understand the impact that one comment can make on somebody's feelings.

brandonpinzu is a really good friend of mine and I'm 100% sure that anything he has said to you about your mother was out of anger and he didn't mean the words he was typing.

& I personally think that you shouldn't believe third party sources about what other people say on call about you because they're bound to exaggerate the story, we're human, that's what we do. I hope everything gets better soon and hopefully you can understand what I'm saying :) x
Sent by LunaPark,Nov 11, 2013
People telling you what people have said on calls are not "facts".
Otherwise, I have nothing to say, but I'm sorry about your mum.
Sent by Yoshitomi,Nov 11, 2013
The drama got real.
Sent by Meyaar,Nov 11, 2013
Hay loose loose you silly goose :*
Sent by RiDsTeR,Nov 11, 2013
+13 i like them but the personal attacks need to stop
i always wanted to be ur friend but idt u like me
Sent by Teddybear
You took the words right out of my mouth :P but obv +12.
Sent by Tommeh208,Nov 11, 2013
Sorry boo :(
Sent by coltsfan876,Nov 11, 2013
You forgot to call me out because I always talk shit about you on LoL, LOL! :)
Sent by Bridgette77,Nov 11, 2013
Guys. It's 'COULDN'T care less.' Not 'could care less'. The latter implies that am you still care!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Nov 11, 2013
Seeing all of y'all argue has always been so weird to me cuz you're all OC in my eyes and you're supposed to be friends LOL!
Sent by Etienne,Nov 11, 2013
hey I'm the first girl to comment on this blog
Sent by zakisaboss,Nov 11, 2013
If this is true, the people that are saying that lucy "deserved her mom to die" are disgusting people. I am so disgusted by that and I would never say that even to my "worst enemy". (even though i don't have any enemies :P ). If this is what these people say outloud on call or type to their friends, imagine what they THINK inside their heads. :|

However if this isn't true then ignore what I just said rofl .

So TIP: Remember if you are going to talk trash about someone, talk trash about that specific person or else you will just look pathetic.

IDK you but if you never need to talk lucyx3jean my skype is cocoabean. (with the . )
Sent by CocoaBean,Nov 11, 2013
Thank you PrincessTeePee!! It really annoys me when they write 'I could care less'. Like do they stop and read what they just typed???
Sent by HelenCoops,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by Johnster,Nov 11, 2013
jm101, I don't expect you to be happy. I expect you all to just take the high road and ignore it. Just so you know, that is not the correct use of the word delusional, dumass ginger.
Sent by Zeptis,Nov 11, 2013
It's rather pathetic that you couldn't talk to shayybayy, aquamarine, and brandonpinzu about this and outted them on tengaged instead lucyx3jean.
Sent by MikeRORO,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by Vans,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 11, 2013
love you loocee. < 3
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Nov 11, 2013
people need to leave you alone and stop worrying about what you do with your life!
Sent by Piddu,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by capguy1,Nov 11, 2013
wow and shayybayy calls me the bully lmao
dont let her jealous bully ass get u down lucy :)
Sent by karim,Nov 11, 2013
i love you lucy< 3

ignore the nasty comments :*
Sent by Idgaf,Nov 11, 2013
I love you PrincessTeePee, I was thinking the exact same thing. LMAO.
Sent by Ireland,Nov 11, 2013
If i would read my english hw the same way i read this blog, then i'd prob have a 100%
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by Vans,Nov 11, 2013
LucyX3Jean We've played stars together a few times and I don't think you like me but I respect you for doing this and standing up for yourself
Sent by Danielvk,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by _Aria,Nov 11, 2013
LOL. same foxox :( I have tried to talk to lucy as a friend multiple times via Skype or survivor pms...and I've never said 1 bad thing about her but she will just ignore me and not talk to me than tell people she hates me. LOL.
Sent by brookie_cookie,Nov 11, 2013
+4 :( I'm sorry LucyX3Jean .... I bet they are just miserable and feel powerful through a computer. I don't know you or the situation, but I am here if you need to talk.
Sent by Courtney_,Nov 11, 2013
I don't hate you, brookie_cookie :L
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Nov 11, 2013
Ooooh kill emmmm
Sent by JakeB,Nov 11, 2013
But yeah.. this is crazy :3
Sent by BBobsessor,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by BBobsessor,Nov 11, 2013
considering this is just the internet... y'all need some doctor phil

People did you wrong? dont like them anymore? then dont deal with them, just X them out of you life. Worry about you and the people you like and move on.

I understand this blog was so you could get things out of your chest, but now that you got it off your chest, you're good. Dont let people get to you, even if they talk about other things related to you. Just realize you are stong minded to let that stuff get to you.
Sent by Akora,Nov 11, 2013
Zeptis Im not sure what type of vernacular you have been studying, but that use of 'delusional' is quite fat ass, dumb ass, small dick, loser. :)
and p.s. its dumb ass for the next time you try correcting people, make sure you correct yourself as well :)
Sent by jm101,Nov 11, 2013
Respect! :) glad I'm not alone in noticing it lol! Helencoops Ireland
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Nov 11, 2013
Sent by Swaggy,Nov 11, 2013
At least im circumsized jm101 :) Because that ofcourse is the ultimate indicator of being a decent human being.
Sent by Zeptis,Nov 11, 2013

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