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Enough Time Has Passed..

17thApr 11, 2024 by Lemjam6
who nominated me in ElectraViv Stars 1 ???



馃槀  so suspect by suspect
bb5lover is possible as he is plays a hard game every time
hwest14 #TeamLoyal would never
Dusty12910 plays a pretty quiet early stars game so if it was early on not him otherwise late game probably would cut your throat
xavierr83 and LiteCitrus idk that well so can鈥檛 judge character
MilkIsGood does love to make big moves but not at the detriment of a friendship
DanielKennedy111 sort of the same as Dusty except depends on if the person is perceived as less popular than him weather or not he will make the move
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Apr 11, 2024
Based on personal experience I would guess DK and BB
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Apr 11, 2024
its giving
Sent by Currents,Apr 11, 2024
ohhhhhhhhhhhh we all know
Sent by hwest14,Apr 11, 2024
I mean duh it鈥檚 so obvious
Sent by BB5lover,Apr 12, 2024
It wasn鈥檛 me or I would鈥檝e admitted to it lol
Sent by LiteCitrus,Apr 12, 2024

I have the audio recording of DanielKennedy111 promising LiteCitrus fortnite merch in exchange for nominating you Lemjam6 and Cody replying back with "No gworl, you don't need to do all that. I will fuck that [slur] over for free."

Obviously I'm going to have to find something to bleep over that so that when I do post it I don't get banned. But that's 100% trooth tea.

Sorry they did that to you - and are continuing to lie to you to this very day - but I respect you enough as a friend to let you know their trooth. You would never do anything to exact revenge on them because you are a nice stable gay boy who loves Miley.
Sent by Alisowned,Apr 12, 2024
Sent by Alisowned,Apr 12, 2024

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