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Survivor: Uzbekistan, Cast Reveal

Jun 20, 2015 by Leli14
imageIn just four days the 21st season of my Survivor series will premiere. It's going to be a great season with some new blood and a few familiar faces to spice things up. I'm really excited about this season!

Again, I'd like to say sorry to the people that I did not cast. There were 30 applicants and only 15 were chosen. If you weren't chosen it probably had to do with a combination of not being very well known on Tengaged and not having a good application. If you're a well known figure on Tengaged, then an application doesn't mean as much to me because I already know who you are. But if you haven't been on Tengaged for very long, then the application is super important. That's your one chance for me to get to know you. And again, only half of you made it, so I also had to cut some great people! Hopefully I'll see you back at another point!

Okay, let's get to it!

The official cast of Survivor: Uzbekistan:
Alan - alanb1
Ami - LockerAmi
Anthony - rawr121
Blake - BlakeIsBack
Chazz - GingerPowder
Chris - IRandomal123
India - Zuelke
Joel - JoelW55
Marcus - TheAce
Marek - marekactor
Nicole - Nicole16
Owen - AlmightyOZ
Sagar - obscurity
Sydney - Guigi
Tico - ticofernandez

And the three returnees who will also compete on the season are...

Jay - Jacob_C (2nd Runner-Up in Survivor: The Caribbean)
Mel - me2013 (9th place in Survivor: Kiribati)
Mike - Midknight3Baby (19th place in Survivor: Socotra)

These three returnees have nothing in common except they didn't get to show their full potential in their first try, so they're getting a second chance this season!

So there you have it! The cast of Survivor: Uzbekistan!

Cast-members, please join the main group ASAP if you haven't already:

See you soon!


omg hey leli howve you been?
Sent by HipposUnite,Jun 20, 2015
Hey chris! :) hipposunite 
Doing just fine! And you?
Sent by Leli14,Jun 20, 2015
Yes Goodluck Guys!
Sent by LockerAmi,Jun 21, 2015
Sent by Leli14,Jun 21, 2015
Amazing cast Leli!
Sent by OhNatalie,Jun 21, 2015
im great leli14 :) ill be following this season. is there a VL?
Sent by HipposUnite,Jun 21, 2015
Loving this cast! I can see this being an amazing season, if everyone is definitely in it 2 win it!
Sent by Avatar20,Jun 21, 2015
Great cast for getting back into the swing of things Leli14
Sent by bigben1996,Jun 21, 2015

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