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20 Memorable Moments from 20 Seasons

Jul 16, 2015 by Leli14
imageHey everyone.

In a (late) celebration of Leli's Survivor Series finishing it's 20th season, I have cooked up a list of 20 memorable moments from the first 20 seasons of the series. This list is completely my opinions alone. I have made a top 20, and will over the next few days count down all twenty of them, starting with 20-16 tomorrow.

If you would like to be tagged, then let me know in the comments.

Which moments do you think/hope will make the list?


Sent by cereal222,Jul 16, 2015
Sent by BBlover96,Jul 16, 2015
when Joe and I flopped at communicating and i got out because of it LOL
Sent by bowling4fun,Jul 16, 2015
Can my blowup with patagonia be on here? I doubt I did anything memorable past that
Sent by Ilikebugs,Jul 16, 2015
Sent by Janelle_Pierzina,Jul 16, 2015
Sent by me2013,Jul 16, 2015
Sent by bigben1996,Jul 16, 2015
Sent by Jacob_C,Jul 17, 2015
Sent by IRandomal123,Jul 17, 2015
Yes plz :D
Sent by robulusjgreisonne,Jul 17, 2015
Sent by RedWing91,Jul 17, 2015
TAG ME! I hope I appear at least once
Sent by HipposUnite,Jul 17, 2015
Me !!
Sent by Avatar20,Jul 18, 2015
Sent by LusciousLips5,Jul 18, 2015

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