Big Brother and online Hunger games. stars

Jan 9, 2021 by KingB24
i'm bored so i did a stars with the new cast here u go

16th - boysofsummer2005/ Fetish [boysofsummer2005 evicted]
15th - Midiaw/ joaovictor [joaovictor evicted]
14th - SAWCHUK55/ benp428 [benp428 evicted]
13th - BarbraStreisand/Midiaw [BarbraStreisand evicted]
12th - Midiaw/ Adam94 [Adam94 evicted]
11th - Fetish/ DBonee [DBonee evicted]
10th - Yonaka/ LaCroix [Yonaka evicted]
9th - LaCroix/ xoxokaci1 [LaCroix evicted]
8th - Midiaw/Fetish [Fetish evicted]
7th - xoxokaci1/ LaylaLove [LaylaLove evicted]
6th - Midiaw/xoxokaci1 [xoxokaci1 evicted]
5th - Cheeseman2468/SAWCHUK55 [SAWCHUK55 evicted]
4th - Midiaw/ ahea7561 [ahea7561 evicted]
3rd - Cheeseman2468
2nd - Roxas546 (unnominated)
1st - Midiaw

wow congratulations


This is interesting
Sent by Midiaw,Jan 9, 2021
Love you king <3
Sent by Midiaw,Jan 9, 2021
love this
Sent by Lemjam6,Jan 9, 2021
Thank u for this
Sent by DBonee,Jan 9, 2021
Ooof at my flop
Sent by boysofsummer2005,Jan 10, 2021

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