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me getting chased by the spiritvote Apr 20, 2021
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WE Apr 20, 2021
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PYNvote Apr 20, 2021
Updating in a bit!
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PYN!vote Apr 20, 2021
will update later, at work rn :)

alexclow345 I am a huge stan of yours as you know. I absolutely love talking to you and going on call, you're funny as hell and so nice to me. Plus you truly sympathize with my pain of not rolling Gold King Boo in Mario Kart Tour. King <3
Washed_Ravioli You've become such a close friend of mine in recent months and I love you so much king! You're kind and fun to talk to and are always so supportive. Dad. <3
LittleMix You are an icon, a legend, and the moment! Getting to know you over the past like year or so has been great and I love our DBD/TFT/League sessions so much! fuck u though stupid cunt <3

JustMe We haven't had, like, a lot of one on one conversation but I just adore you. lol I think you're super sweet and every interaction I have had with you has been so positive. Keep being a queen!
RoboZoe I thoroughly enjoy my times on the Lords call playing DBD with you and the girlies even when you do call me a cunt or worse because I accidentally lead the killer to you. LMAO
Minie My fellow Katarina lover <3 We don't talk much these days but you'll always have a special place in my heart queen!

yoshicoolman I feel like we've always gotten along pretty well even though for a while you were annoyed with me. We don't really talk unless we're in a game but I do like you.
Galaxies We don't really talk but you're someone I feel like I can work with in games and I don't have anything bad to say about you!
semajdude I find you rather entertaining and I really enjoyed playing that Stars with you! Hopefully we get to slay one together all the way.
Jessie_ I used to think you disliked me but you've always reassured me that's not the case so love that! I enjoy talking to you and you're so iconic in games.

_Matt I don't think we've ever spoken.
rohanprabhu My initial interactions with you were not good at all lol. Since then I don't really dislike you or anything, but we don't talk and I don't feel like we actually work together in games. So just meh. Let's change that though!
iiCreazyGX You're often overly fake in games and it makes it hard to trust you. You do seem to actually be nice, but yeah, your behavior in games is erratic. Lol
SeaKing I don't think we've ever spoken.
Tester I don't think we've ever spoken.


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Dirty Apr 20, 2021
My king.
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I think I’m goingvote Apr 20, 2021
to apply for a new job today, my friend works for the company and she told me to apply. It’d be a 15k raise if I managed to snag it 😎
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