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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Some people

18thMar 24, 2024 by Kiki4ever
Really are horrible. Who tf has a missing child and doesn't search for them day in and day out? A 15 yr old autistic child (high functioning, but still he's autistic and a child) goes missing in TN a month ago and his mom and step dad ain't been out searching and are leaving the area as of today? And dads been out searching and trying to find his son. I would be out there all day and night if my child was missing! My oldest son today said mom u would be searching all day! I just don't get how a parent would not be looking for their missing child at all, especially a mom unless they are hiding something.


Crazy. My sister went missing for an hour and my parents had the whole neighborhood searching for her instantly. Turns out she was "playing hide and seek" in my mom's closet, but still.
Sent by zachbbs,Mar 24, 2024
They got loads of people out searching but mom and step dad haven't been out at all!! It's highly sus, and they are leaving to go somewhere as of today! Who yf leaves when a child is missing?? I can't even fathom
Sent by Kiki4ever,Mar 24, 2024

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