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Absofuckinglutly livid

13thMar 14, 2024 by Kiki4ever
My kid was suspended for defending himself against someone who swung at him and then hit him in the face. Naaaaaa I don't fucking think so. We are currently filing a report against this person who assaulted him at the police station


Sent by Pavaneli,Mar 14, 2024
This happened to my little brother once. He was suspended because some kid kicked him in the nuts so he punched the kid.

The principal called it like “no violence exception policy”. Its kinda bullshit.
Sent by zachbbs,Mar 14, 2024
Not u filing a police report on a child
Sent by Amixoxi,Mar 14, 2024
Oh I'm not gonna sit here and be told my kid can be assaulted and the person responsible gets off scott free no the hell I'm not. My child has every right to press charges u dumb cunt now go the fuck away and do not come to my blog saying stupid shit
Sent by Kiki4ever,Mar 14, 2024
You were filing a report at the police station, but had time to blog this?
Sent by Euchre,Mar 15, 2024

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