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R u serious

13thJul 22, 2018 by JustMe

0Q: Is Tito gonna recieve the T that goes with the ban you said 16th would get
asked by teamclay
A mail was sent 12-hours prior the eviction, he didn't reply.

NO WHERE in your blog or the rules does it say he has to respond within a certain amount of time. This is ridiculous. Why would he reply when he didn’t know if he would be evicted or not?


Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 23, 2018
The US has rules and regulations against such acts...Since Tengaged is a site that takes monetary transactions in exchange for currency used to bet and interact in gaming it falls under the same guidelines...I'm sure randomize wouldn't like hearing that less than a month in you are costing him thousands in fines...Your choice...Make it right admin...
Sent by NexusCain,Jul 23, 2018

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